Up the M1 from Blantyre to Lilongwe!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi
We left Blantyre today. Gracious Mpilangwe drove us to the AXA bus terminal.  We said goodbye and settled into our five-hour journey north.  We sat in the front seats on the bus and had a good view of scenes and people ahead.  I took nearly 300 photos.  It was all so interesting to me… the daily life of people along the M1 which is the main north-south highway in Malawi.  We ride along the Mozambique border and the highway IS the border of Malawi/Mozambique.  Moz flags on the left and Malawi flags on the right.
I made a slideshow of the pictures I liked best and posted them in Photo Gallery on my Website. Please go to see the slideshow at (click or tap below):
LifeNets Business Manager Joseph Mughogho picked us up at the AXA bus stations. Brennan was not feeling well and had flu-like symptoms. 
At the Mafuma Hotel where we are staying Joseph, Bev and I had lunch. We talked quite a while catching up on LifeNets and church business as it relates to finances.   Then, since we knew that deacon Haiton Thungula was in town, we called him, met him at 3:00 p.m. and spent time with him.  We really needed to get things better understood about operations with Brennan, Joseph (now accountant for the church) and the general state of affairs.
It was so good to see the church hall one-year later… there was a lot of cleanup that had occurred.  It looks so beautiful.  There are plans to put an outdoor kitchen in, too, in the back.  Enjoy the pictures here in the blog post.
We talked a lot about church financing, reporting and such.  
Then we went back to the Mafuma Hotel.  Bev and I had dinner together and relaxed in the evening.  I'm keeping up with my communications and work back home in the United States while enjoying my visit to our churches in Malawi.
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