Night to be Much Observed

Friday, March 30, 2018
Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi
Today is the morning after the Passover service.  I become quite reflective on what the meaning of the Passover is…increasingly more after 52 Passovers.  It truly was an incredible act of love by God, the pre-existent God to become non-existent to take away the sin of the world.  Through His resurrection we can also have life eternal.  To most on this planet this is nonsense. To us it is the wisdom of God and the narrow way that few find right now. We are still living in the midst of that sin and that is the exact reason for the state of this world. 
Our plans were uncertain this morning.  We have no Bongo, it’s laid up.  The other vehicle, the Prado is still out at Chapamba’s an hour away to be brought in tonight.  Today is Good Friday and our business manager has the LifeNets car at home and not coming in today.  We are stuck until we get transport. 
Finally, in the mid afternoon the Prado DID get into town and Haiton picked us up. Brennan and Michala walked over to our hotel which is about a 15 minute walk and we talked.   It’s a HOT day today.  We really enjoy just talking with them.  They are always so full of good, positive, constructive things to say.  We enjoy being around such people.  Always seeking solutions for challenges.
We finally went over to the church hall for the Night To Be Much Remembered.  The women are outside cooking the meal.  I see the need for the outdoor kitchen and the men are talking about the need for one in the back of the hall near the water tank and under the tree. 
I sat around a table and talked to various people who came and went.  It was good to see Chifundo Njewa from up north.  He’s a mechanic and now has a supervisory position at a government installation.  He received his mechanics diploma as a result of a LifeNets scholarship. He has really applied himself.  In October 2016 he was married and introduced his wife Kate to us who he had met in Dedza when he lived there. I did a podcast with him, but not sure how good it will be with all the noise around.  I have been sending my podcasts back to the home office via Google Drive and have gotten some good tips from Rudy Rangel about how to improve the background noise.
Wilfred Chitseme came by. He’s the one living hours and hours by bus ride from here.  Good Works has approved making a grant for him to have a better house.
Our church hall is becoming “owned” by the local church here as I see people very comfortable and joyful here as they interact with one another in our “own” place.
Then it came time for the evening meal. I asked Haiton Thungula to make some remarks about the evening with me. A few years ago we did the same here and he spoke very passionately.  So, the two of us did it again. I focused on the New Testament meaning of “Coming out of Egypt.”  
Then we all had a wonderful meal.  At our table sat Alice Chonde, Haiton and his wife, Cephas and Patricia, Brennan and Michala. For a while I sat next to the Hilgen’s and Bev who were slightly out of earshot (because of the level of noise in the hall) and next to the ones left of me who spoke Chewa to one another. After a bit I went inside the group of the Chewa people and broke into English with them. It’s been so enjoyable.
Then we mingled with the rest.  And went home.  Tomorrow is Dedication of this Building and Services for the First Day of Unleavened Bread.
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Greg Hilgen

THX for update and pictures!! Prayers for safety, 1st DOUB and building dedication!

Fina sombrito

Thank you for these make feel at one with our brotbers an sister on the faith once deliver. I always pray for you