A Day with the Talama family in Lusaka

Thursday, April 05, 2018
Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
I got up early to finish the eNews that goes out from the home office on Thursday’s. We took a week off, so there’s more news than usual to get caught up on.
We are so grateful the for reliable Internet at our Lodge.  To me this makes all the difference in the world in being able to do things and keep in touch with work back home.  While I’m gone for nearly a month on this trip, I’ve been in contact with everyone I need to be in contact with.  Also with the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread, many are out visiting various churches around the country.
We spent the entire day at the Talama family’s home in Lusaka.  They also have a farm where they spend much of their time about 45 minutes out of town.  We had lots of things to talk about and wanted to get better acquainted with their family and be in their home and not be just confined to our lodge. 
Major Talama picked us up at the Lodge with his son Muhau.  It’s supposed to a 15-20 minute drive to their home, but the traffic is fierce here.  It took us nearly 40 minutes to get to his home.
I did a podcast with their daughter Mukumbuta who is studying to be a medical doctor.  She is one of our brightest LifeNets scholarship students.  Zambia graduates only 50 doctors a year for a country of 16 million people.  She will be one of them. She is attending Cavendish University in Lusaka.
Felicia and the girls prepared a nice lunch for us and we talked more through the afternoon. 
We also went out to the home of Bervin and Zere Momba who live about a mile away.  On the bumpy roads, you don’t really know how long the ride is with all the jostling, bumps and evasion of craters on the road.  Bervin and Zere are LifeNets' scholarship success stories.  She has a good job in a bank and he is in management with a major insurance company.  
The Momba’s have a new baby boy by the name of Bervin Jr.  He has a longer name, but I can’t say or write it.  Their little girl Chabota is three years old.   
We talked to them for about an hour.  Very wonderful nice couple.
Then we went back to the Talamas' where we talked some more, had dinner and then the ride back to the Palmwood Lodge through slow and go traffic. 
Good day.  The Holy Day is tomorrow.  Lots on my mind.
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