High Day at Verino Farm

Friday, April 06, 2018
Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
Major came by the Lodge to pick us up a little after 9 a.m. for Verino Farm, our church property where we hold the Feast of Tabernacles and other activities.  It’s about a half hour drive out there, with the last 2 km being on an extremely rough road that is months overdue for a grader to go over it.  The jostling, bumping and bouncing makes it seem a LOT longer than 1.5 miles.  Once you’re out on the main highway, the Lusaka-Chipata T-4 highway is quite good and moves along quickly.  In Zambia there are not the incessant road checks by police that you have in Malawi.
It was so good to be on the Church property again.  I had not spoken here since October 2010 after which it was occupied by others.  Previously, I have been here twice, I believe, for the Feast of Tabernacles.  We are appalled by the way the property was neglected by the occupiers and work will be needed to help it to look better.  The same is true about one the church building that has been turned back to us.  The benches in that building were completely destroyed by our former occupiers and our brethren have nothing to sit on.  
We have started a poultry operation here.  We just sold our first 258 fryers and plans are afoot to expand that operation.  Also, we want to start the Conservation Farming Project.  We plan to move our meeting hall closer to the entrance and have the rest for farming and poultry.  Everyone is really excited about the possibilities and we talked a lot about it. We would like our grounds here to become self-sustaining.  We have plenty of people knowledgeable in the fields of finance, farming, agriculture and poultry to make a go of this.  Beverly and I are so happy with the progress and the continuation of our dream in Zambia for the church, the propagation of the Gospel message and help for the people to better their lives.
We had 35 for services today.  A bus was chartered to bring most of the people out from Lusaka. 
In the morning service I spoke about four meanings of BREAD.  Why do we focus on BREAD in the Days of Unleavened Bread?  What is the significance of bread?
The Special Music was great!  A Zambianized version of Amazing Grace was sung by Fred Mwaba's group.   It was fantastic.  You can see it here at 
During the noon break, a lunch was prepared by an outside chef.  We had a typical meal of chicken, beef, nsima, rice, eggplant, and slaw.  It was wonderful.  Good conversation too.
Talked with many people.  Some I had known from past visits.....some were new.  One young man, Daniel Nglube was very intent to apply for scholarship.  His parents are from the Copperbelt. 
In the afternoon I spoke about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  The Days of Unleavened Bread focus on discipleship and becoming like Christ.
The day drew to an end.  It was time to go home.  While the sun will set at 6 p.m. the Sabbath will continue into the weekly Sabbath. And we will see these people and more again tomorrow for Sabbath services. I really enjoyed being with the people on our property. They set a good example and are truly growing spiritually.
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