To Pringles in Kitwe&Mufulira Building Dedication

Sunday, April 08, 2018
Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia
Major and Felicia Talama picked us up to take us to the airport and our ProFlite flight to Ndola where the Pringle’s would pick us up. 
There were aircraft scheduling problems and our flight was delayed by almost two hours.  We had time to talk with the Talama’s more at the airport.  It is very hard to leave our friends with whom we work in the ministry. This was the ONLY flight on our entire trip where we paid any overweight and that was only $38.  We had so much stuff that we took from the United States and we were fortunate to have it so well planned in not having to pay extra for things we brought.  We also felt fortunate in not having any problems with customs.  We brought about 125 solar-powered lanterns that we thought we might have to pay duty on.  Never had to. 
At each are we visit we get rid of things we’re carrying.  We’re like a rocket that jettisons stages in reaching new heights!  We brought very little clothing for ourselves along.
The Pringle’s picked us up at a little after 2 pm after our 40 minute flight. We then have a one-hour drive to their home in Kitwe.  We had a quick bite, changed and then drive another almost hour to Mufulira for the church dedication and service.  A busy schedule.
The new hall was impressive. We entered through the security fence that Derrick had built.  He provided lots of materials and labor for the construction of this building.  It was zoned as a Community Center and LifeNets is providing $15,000 towards it.  Derrick Pringle had privately bought the land for this church about 11 years ago in 2007 and has been working all this time in fulfilling his vision to build a church building in Mufulira.
The people were all lined up to greet us with a welcoming song. The faces are becoming ever more familiar.  Some people are missing such as Benson who died and Brown who is almost blind and cannot come to services any more. 
I was glad to see Luckson who I ordained as deacon a year ago.  Also, Sam Kosonga from the Congo who comes across the border on occasion.  He is leader of a small church in Kasumbalesa, Congo and runs an orphanage that LifeNets helps with. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is only a few miles away from here.  Also, Steve Kunda who is a member here that goes over to the Congo. 
We held the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The 99 people in attendance people applauded.  It is a very nice building with comfortable wooden benches.  Then I gave a sermon about the Temple of God based on I Kings 8, I Corinthians 3 and 6. 
Cherry Pringle gave a touching tribute to her husband Derrick who has driven the project for the past 11 years and finally the vision has become a reality.  
Then we fellowshipped for some time. The people had a snack prepared for them.  And then, the church bus took them home.
We came back to the Pringle’s home and are getting ready to leave early in the morning for church in Solwezi about three and a half hours west of here. 
One blessing this time at the Pringles:  Great Internet.  Zamnet was coming in at 25 megabits per second.  Got lots of things downloaded. I have blessed with great Internet at the Palmwood and now here at the Pringles. 
We thoroughly appreciate being with these servants.  Tomorrow to Solwezi!
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