Sabbath Day at Verino Farm

Saturday, April 07, 2018
Lusaka Province, Zambia
Today is the Sabbath adjacent to the Last Day of Unleavened Bread.  We meet out at the Verino Farm again. 
We are hoping that we can develop this 12 acre plot of ground that will help raise some revenue or the church.  A poultry operation has been started and first crop of chickens was sold last week with the new chicks coming next week.
Today we are holding a Sabbath service, a lunch with a Bible Study in the afternoon with a session for ladies included. 
The sermonette this morning was “Walking in Faith” by Morris Phiri followed by my sermon about prayer.  The church hired a cook to prepare the meal for $10.  The attendance was 59 today.  It was great to see people that we are getting to know more and more as we visit Zambia more and more.  While we say that “this” may be our last trip to Zambia, we always get swept up into coming again. 
We took a group shot of the church after the morning church along with our scholarship students.  
The Bible Study was on the first chapter of Ephesians. Then we had testimonials from people talking about some of their experiences of God working in their lives.   One of the notable testimonials was from Agnes Litaba who talked about how God had answered their family’s prayers and healed her husband Jonathan.  Agnes is now baptized, but for many years her deacon husband Jonathan was attending church alone with some of their children.  Her message was quite moving. 
Also, others told their life’s story.  It was all so interesting. 
About half-way through Bev held a separate session with the ladies outside the hall.
The Talama’s drove us back to the the Palmwood Lodge that we really like.  Bev and I had a small dinner outside.  Lisa, the Italalien/Zambian colored lady who owns the Lodge came and talked to us.  She told us about another retreat center that she is developing east of Chongwe which is the next town east of our church property. She talked to us about an English designer by the name of Donald who was doing the designing work for her. He lives at the Palmwood Lodge and she asked him to talk to us.  He told us about his creative spiritual design work that was suitable for people of any faith.  He talked to us for about an hour and shared with us his philosophy of life. 
Tomorrow we fly to the Ndola, the Copperbelt and the Mufulira church where we plan to dedicate the new building.   
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