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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia
Today is an easier day as we just have to get back from Solwezi to Kitwe.  We have a relaxed breakfast at the Mutanda Lodge and then walk on the grounds alongside the rushing Mutanda river. The sound of the river is so relaxing to hear the rapids near the restaurant section of the lodge.  We enjoy our walk.  We were the only guests at the lodge the last two nights.  They had a staff of people working at the restaurant and housekeeping.  How do they do it?  Four years ago we stayed at a place to the west of Mufumbwe on the Kabompa River.  
Lots of thoughts cross my mind about all the people we have been with in the Copperbelt and out here.  Some are very dedicated.  I’m most moved by the people in Mufumbwe who have been faithful so long and waited a long time to be baptized by a minister.  I’m impressed by the “community” aspect of the church in Mufumbwe. If you want to read my story about these people here, I wrote up their story of persistence about four years ago at
Samuel still lives a distance away from the Church.  He was the song-leader yesterday.  He lives 20 miles away and commutes by bicycle to services each week.
We drove through the town of Solwezi and met up with one of our scholarship students Lazarous at the school of nursing.  He is in his third year and will be finishing his studies soon. He has done a wonderful job in school and has a heart to want to help the work of Joseph Kapatula with the orphans. That’s where he was an orphan himself and his ambition is to carry on the work Joseph Kapatula.  It was a nice very on the east side of Solwezi. 
We also stopped at a place to take some beef and chicken pies for a lunch later. And, Derrick had some signs to be made and stopped into a graphics shop next to the restaurant. 
We then drove through Kalguena which translated is “Crocodile.”  We wanted to stop by a Chimp orphanage on the way back, but found that we had to go in 15 km on dirt road.  It has been raining and thought the better of going all the way in.   Instead we ate lunch in a wide spot on the road.
Mackie, Pringle’s son was back at their home in Kitwe and called on the phone.  He had encountered another black momba snake in one of the cottages outside the house. Second one in the last few months. It is a deadly and horrible snake.  Cobras are preferable, we are told. 
We then drove through a big city of Chingola of about 500,000 population. It is noted for big ugly copper smelters.  Another big smelter city is Mufulira itself.
While driving we could see thunder storms around. 
When we came back to Pringles there was no power. No power.  No Internet.  I have not had any Internet at Solwezi, so I’m literally in the dark, but that’s good. I’m overconnected in my real life and it was good to just be away.  I can still be reached by text if absolutely necessary
We just had some generator-powered lights and hoped the next day would bring power back.  We always enjoy being together, electricity or not.  Tomorrow off to South Africa!
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