Sad to leave Kitwe and the Pringle's

Thursday, April 12, 2018
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Today we leave Zambia and fly to Cape Town, South Africa. While the trip was meticulously planned out with exact schedules for flights, our feelings don’t always just shift. We have really appreciated being with Derrick and Cherry.  We are as we would be with family.  We talk, eat, laugh, talk seriously.  All of that!  It’s hard to just stop and move on.
In the morning we walked around their yard.  Saw the papaya trees.  He also showed me the plumbing to go into the Mufulira building…sinks, toilets, piping.  Derrick does a LOT!  I’m so happy with what’s been done here with church buildings in the Copperbelt.
We leave Kitwe for Ndola where South African airlines usually has two flights a day to Johannesburg.  On the way, Derrick got to taking and the speed accelerated.  Police stopped him.  Derrick professionally negotiates with them.  Talked to the cop stopping us and chief.  As usual, Derrick got off easily and the fine mostly went to the cops directly. 
Ndola airport.
Our plane is a small CRJ which means we can’t take much carry on.  I had to plane-check my roll on and made sure there was nothing valuable in it.
We landed at Johannesburg, then had to go through immigration because of coming in from foreign country Zambia.  Then rechecking luggage to domestic Cape Town.  We had several hours and took advantage of the Priority Pass lounge that was very good.  Great Internet there!   I was able to send my eNews copy to Chris Rowland along with other eMails. The Pringle house was still without power in the AM.  No Internet. The lounge had lots of good food and comfort. 
Then the two hour flight to Cape Town. 
Vivian and Cathy Botha were there to greet us and take us to their home in Franschhoek about 45 minutes away. It was so good see them!!
They told us about the history of the area and it being settled by the Huguenots.  Getting dark.  Looking forward to Friday when we’ll visit a lot more.
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marilyn hodgins

Thankyou very impressive church buildings and even more so all the church attendees,the pictures and the are a real testimony to all involved well done.thanks