Sabbath in Cape Town April 14, 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Today is the day (and tomorrow, too) that we spend time with the members of the United Church of God here in Cape Town.
First, we were invited to Mariana Simon’s home of brunch. She lives on the north side of Cape Town and we were so glad to spend time with her. This is the only day that we will be able to visit with her as she is flying to Johannesburg Sunday morning for a meeting of the South African National Council (SANATCO)  She is their secretary. 
We all got there about 10 am.   Present were Barbara Botha and her granddaughter Hannah.  And, Vivien and Cathy along with Bev and me.  We really enjoyed all being together. I first met the Simons at the Feast of Tabernacles in South Africa in 1996, I believe. Her husband was a physician.  They moved to Manitoba, Canada.  He had been ailing and died a few years ago.  I had heard so much good about them, but had never seen them much in person in over 20 years. 
After his death, Mariana moved back to her home country of South Africa and settled in Cape Town where her daughter lives. We really enjoyed being together for this Sabbath morning meal.
From here we drove to where church services are held at a rented Presbyterian church.
The first person that Bev and I met was a gentleman who drove into the parking lot with a big Beyond Today sticker on his car.  His names was Frank Scheepers. 
By the way, the Beyond Today television program is seen here in Cape Town on terrestrial TV Sunday’s at 8:30 am and then on DSTV Satellite TV.
People filed into the church hall and we met them one by one and talked to them.  Victor Beerers was a talkative gentleman. Then I met Renee Tarica who wanted my sermon notes after I spoke.  Then Nigel. I had heard a lot about him from others as a leader.  His teenage was the first person I met in the hall and he was busy helping set things up for our services. 
It was enjoyable to talk to the various people in the congregation before the services started.  They were all very friendly. 
Owen Shuller led songs.  His daughter Laura sang special music  I gave both the sermonette and the sermon.  
My sermon was on the “Pearl of Great Price” which was the story of my mother who in a letter to her friends in the Ukrainian church she was from explained how she had to leave that church for the Truth that she had found.  She never thought less of them, but that she had found the pearl of great price… of the parables of Matthew 13. 
After services there were snacks and fellowship.  We thoroughly enjoyed being with these people and hearing their stories of faith.
The day was drawing to an end  With the Bottha’s we drove to Stellenbosch, a city next to Franschhoek.  It is where their 17-year-old niece Hannah goes to high school at a girl’s school.  Stellenbosch is a picturesque larger than Franschhoek with a lot of history.
We went to Hussar’s Grill Café for dinner.  Fun end to the evening.  I ordered Kudu steak.  Tasted like filet mignon.  Great. Just felt slightly sad for the kudu. 
Great day!
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