Sunday, April 15, 2018 Last full day in Cape Town

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
The day today began with a SANTACO (South African National Councilm meeting). I was an observer.  I had been present at one before back in January 2013.  I was an observer.  Vivien did not go up to Johannesburg at Arthur Fisher’s home where the Chairman, Mr. Roy Demont was present.  But, it was almost just as good with him being connected via Skype  It worked beautifully and set a precedent for future meetings which will save lots of money in travel costs.
While an observer, I was very interested in all the things that were under discussion. 
I was very interested in the reports about finances and other data.  No one from South Africa will be coming to the General Conference of Elders meetings coming up in May.  They will, however, send a video for the international report which is always a very popular event at the GCE. 
There was discussion about support, not only monetarily, but in personnel coming to visit from the United States.  Bev and I personally have really appreciated coming here this time, but even our trip being nearly one month long, we could hardly spend enough time at the places we did  On this trip I have spoken 13 times, and in all the locations. There is only so much you can do.  I know that I caused offense in some areas for not visiting, but it was not because I didn’t want to.  I just couldn’t!  
We think that each time we come to Africa that it will be our last, but as each trip winds down, we make plans in our head to come back.  Africa always beckons us back! 
They talked about the Feast of Tabernacles, camps. 
At the end of the meeting I asked to address SANATCO.  I spoke about our desire to support and shelp.  I talked about how much we
Vivien was to fly up to Johannesburg, but he was Skyped in and we all were able to participate in the meeting.
I talked about the importance to communicate with the Beyond Today readership which had dropped to 5000.   They need to write to these readers and offer more material. I will be sending Roy Demont samples of our donor and coworker letters from the home office.  They need to cultivate people who come to read and understand our message. 
I spoke also about the importance of developing future church leaders.   They all acknowledged that that training is important. 
It was a great meeting that lasted a few hours.  It was good to see our friends online via video:  Isella Wallis, Roy Demont, Mariana Simones, Ray Mercer, Arthur Fisher.  Wish we could have all been together in person
After the meeting we headed back downtown Cape Town for the Church social get-together.  We brought along goodies.  The meeting was held at a Dutch social center. It was kind of a community center. We talked in greater depth with the people that we had met yesterday in church.  More than half the people came to this.
Besides just talking, we held a sing-a-long of church hymns.  I played the piano for hymns.  
Afterwards we drove around Table Mountain and to the bay on the other side of Cape Town where we saw the sun set.  I believe the area is called Camps Bay.  Several families went including the two Schuller families.  It was good spend a bit more time with them. 
Our trip is winding down. Tomorrow we start our long trek back to the United States, but our flight doesn’t leave until 3:00 pm, so we still have some quality time left.  
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