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Thursday, September 20, 2018
Batavia, Ohio, United States
Thank you for your interest in this visit to various places in Sri Lanka and India.  An easy way to find this blog is to go to my Website at http://kubik.org/  and then find the TRAVEL BLOGS tab.  This trip is right there!
Bev and I are traveling with David and Jolinda Schreiber to Sri Lanka and India from October 2-17, 2018. In Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka, we have a lively congregation and we look forward to visiting with them on the Sabbath of October 6. From there, we will travel to India to the state of Andhra Pradesh, where there are interestingly many pockets of "Sabbath keepers." Most came in contact with us through the Beyond Today magazine and our Beyond Today program on the Internet.
While in that state, we plan to hold Kingdom of God seminars in three cities: Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Annapali. We have scattered brethren in the country and some will meet with us in the cities where we will hold the seminars.
Next, we will travel to the far eastern reaches of India to the state of Mizoram to visit a group called "United Church of God Mizoram." They have adopted the UCGIA Fundamental Beliefs, are keeping the seventh-day Sabbath, all of God's Feasts and desire to preach the gospel in their state. They contacted us and requested a more formal relationship with United Church of God. In January of this year, the Council of Elders approved strong support for a relationship whereby UCGIA can be of aid in their work of preaching the gospel through distribution of the UCGIA's English version booklets as well as (translated) publications of UCGIA literature in India and in extending our help in serving their congregations in such other ways as is possible.
They have built a new church building in Kolasib—which was fully funded through the dedicated support of their own brethren.
Lastly we will travel to Delhi, the capital of the country of India. Before our departure home, we will meet with George and Shobha Samuel who both faithfully serve our members in the church congregation in Agra, India. George Samuel is hoping to come to Ambassador Bible College in January if his U.S. visa is approved. We look forward to meeting George and Shobha before we depart on Tuesday, October 16, for Cincinnati.
But, first we will be in Panama City Beach, Florida for the Feast of Tabernacles from where we will leave directly for Sri Lanka on October 2.
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