Colombo get-together with most brethren on Friday

Friday, October 05, 2018
Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
What a day it’s been!  Our first full day in Sri Lanka was on Friday.
It was a one hour drive by our driver Daya across congested Colombo traffic navigating through tuk tuks, cycles, busses, trucks, cars… you name it.  No lanes… just find your own way through the maze.  I don’t know how they don’t have more accidents than they do, although we were told it’s a rising problem.  The government is taking stronger action.
The traffic looks chaotic to us. It does keep you awake and alert… and you’re not even driving!  I could never drive through such anarchy.  Colombo has a population of five million people.  We probably saw at least three million of them on the way over to a part of Colombo where many of the brethren of the United Church of God live.  Sri Lanka’s population is about 22 million people. 
We first went over to the home of Avon and Christine Thomas.  They are a young couple married only a few years.  They were so hospitable.  Told us their story of knowing each other and their life in the Church.
Then we went over to the home of Rohan and Stephanie De Silva who lived less than a mile away.  We did a podcast.  He is a radio disk jockey who does the daily 4-7 p.m. drive-time program on a popular FM station. It is primarily a retro music station FM Legends 96.6 that is heard island-wide and also streaming at  Four p.m. is approximately 6 a.m. Eastern time in the US, so I hope to hear Rohan on the air.  He who goes by “Jazz McKay” and has a female co-host. Rohan and his wife Stephanie have a young son called Nehemiah.
While at the De Silva's home, we did a podcast.  Rohan is good with words and thoughts and we recorded a 25-minute podcast program that I already sent back to Chaz Leathers in Cincinnati to edit.  We talked about life in Sri Lanka, his work in radio and the church in Colombo.  Look for it on Inside United on the UCG.ORG website. 
Then we went over to the home of Trevian and Sherene White in the rain for a dinner for 30 of the brethren.  We had a question and answer Bible study afterward.  It was absolutely wonderful to be with all these people who kept the discussion lively.  The Whites are the parents of Stephanie De Silva and Christine Thomas.  There were many other family relationships among the brethren in the Colombo church. 
I understand that they do this Friday night get-together with dinner most weeks.   
We stayed until 11:15 p.m.  We have a full day tomorrow with church services and the Kingdom of God seminars by David Schreiber and myself. We returned to the hotel at midnight.  There was little traffic and we made much better time going back.
Big day coming up tomorrow!
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Glad your day went so well. It's great that you got to spend some more time with the de Silvas and their family members. Love Rohan and Stephanie!