KOG Seminar at the Gateway Hotel in Vijayawada

Monday, October 08, 2018
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Today, Monday, was a BIG day of Kingdom of God seminars all day here in Vijayawada at the Gateway Hotel.  The day was most successful in doing what we need to be doing: going to the public and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God!  
The lectures we gave were translated by Dr. B. Samuel Susanth Prabhu. He translated into the Telegu language. He is a member of the United Church of God living in Hyderabad. His wife is Asha, however, only he came down. It is a four-hour bus ride from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. He had been to ABC a year before.   
We had 54 people in attendance for the KOG seminar.  The attendees were mostly non-UCG members. Only the Schreibers, us and Dr. Samuel, the five of us, were UCG.  The remainder was from the outside.  A very few attended a previous KOG seminar. 
When I walked into the meetings hall, it was already nicely set up with people sitting behind tables.  The people were attentive and enthusiastic.  There were a fair number of women present… and some children. There were a number of ministers who came, both Sabbath and Sunday-keepers. Most were from independent churches. Yesterday, I wrote about Joseph Usala who ran the children’s homes.
The first people I ran into was Solomon Raj Punuri of the Assembly of Yahweh.  It was a church with a background in Sacred Names.  It is one of the splits of 1920 conglomerate of Church of God Seventh Day, Sacred Names and Seventh Day Adventist, I believe.  Solomon is a keeper of the Holy Days and Feasts.
Then I met Moise Topilli and his son Samuel.
An interesting person I met was Yakubu Didla who has been a Facebook friend since 2016.  He knows Bill Hicks who had been with the Church of God Seventh Day out of Denver, Colorado. I called Bill Hicks just before coming to India on this trip.  Bill Hicks has visited here several times and is knowledgeable in the various dynamics.
India is a complex nation of religions (primarily Hindu that has 33 million gods), languages and cultures.  It has a population of 1.3 billion people—rivaling China with 1.4 billion.
It is an insurmountable mountain, yet we need to reach where we as the Apostle did, no matter what the odds. I felt that I could boldly speak the truth about the Kingdom of God in the midst of the ignorance and confusion of the world.
One very big noticeable difference between Sri Lanka and India is the way people address one another.  In Sri Lanka it’s with hugs and kisses.  We had lots of that the days we were there.  Not so in the Hindu culture.  You do not touch.  You do not even reach your hand out to a woman.  They are very reserved in that way and quite a contrast between two nations side by side.
I delivered my presentation in just a little under two hours.  Translation slows it down.  Dr. Samuel did a yeoman’s job in translation all day long.  It is a tiring task.
We had a nice lunch buffet arranged in an adjacent room that was enjoyed by everyone.  Then David Schreiber gave his lecture about “Hear the Word of the Coming Prophet.”  David makes very good use of PowerPoint to post the scriptures that illustrate his point without, what I consider to be, distracting superfluous obvious statements.  I feel that the effectiveness of both our messages was carried by the scriptures and I’m considering a similar tactic for future seminars.   People often do not turn to the scripture or write them down and this focuses their attention on them.
After the seminars were finished at about 3:30 p.m. we talked with the people who remained. Several were pastors seeking assistance for their work.  Some were sincerely interested in what we said about the Kingdom of God… something they had not heard before.  I took lots of notes and took down lots of names.  Also, before the day was over, made more Facebook friends. 
Then we (Kubiks, Schreibers, Dr. Samuel).  had dinner together and enjoyed our conversation and getting to know Dr. Samuel better. He hopes that his daughter will be able to go to college to finish a Master’s Program in either Chicago, Cincinnati or Dallas in the coming year.
The day came to an end.  It was satisfying and wonderful!