Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
I have much more detail and photos about our recent journey at http://v2. travelark.org/travel-blog/victorkubik/24.
Bev and I have returned from our visit to India and Sri Lanka. This was one of the most amazing trips that I have ever taken.  The most amazing part of it was all the interesting people we crossed paths with.
Sri Lanka is primarily Buddhist and India is mostly Hindu. In India only 2.8% of the population is considered Christian, but that still amounts to 30 million people.
I am always fascinated by the diversity of peoples: their race, color, national traits, languages, skills – everything about them. But, I’m also fascinated by what is common to all of us.  We as conscious rational human beings all have the same basic needs, desires, dreams. I know that we have all been created and come from a common source.  In my life’s ministry I have always honored this knowing my own uniqueness along with every other human being created that has the hope of eternity. 
On this trip we first visited with the people of Sri Lanka who are gregarious and touching. Much display of affection and open warmth one to another.
Then on to Andhra Pradesh on the eastern coast of India.  There the people are kind, reserved, but curious and engaging.  You do not touch. You express yourself markedly differently, but no less of the common humanity that we all have been created with.  This is what’s fascinating to me. 
Then on to the far eastern State of Mizoram. There the people are Asiatic and identify with the people of Myanmar, Nepal and even Viet Nam.  They have intensity about them when they want to engage you. They are open, generous and genuine.  Our relationship with them has been cemented based on these time-proven qualities for a decade. 
In India was saw the grandeur of a massive country of 1.3 BILLION people that is 80% Hindu. Hindu is the second largest language spoken in the world behind Mandarin.  Sri Lanka is 71% Buddhist.
I had heard so much about India and heard people’s accounts of visiting here.  But, nothing short of being immersed here would give me a perspective and feel for this part of the world.
Children. No matter how diverse the people are who we visit, one thing is common: love, care and compassion for their vulnerable children is universal. We visited various churches that had lots of children. We also visited children in orphanages.
We appreciated being guided by Senior Pastor David Schreiber and his greatly involved and engaged wife/support Jolinda. The trip was a whirlwind of church activity that included contact with people who ranged from those who have been converted for more than 40 years to those new in the faith to those who were hearing the gospel of the Kingdom of God for the first time in our Beyond Today seminars. There are those from other independent groups who wish to associate with us. What is wonderful is to see the same power of God's Spirit in the lives of these people as we do among all others who are converted and are transforming their lives.
We were grateful for the church visits, the personal visits to members in their homes.  We were gratified by the results of the Beyond Today seminars held in four cities that reached about 220 people. We were grateful to meet with others of like faith who follow the work of the United Church of God.   So, in terms of caring for our existing churches and reaching out to the world, as we should, this trip was a success.
I am so grateful for the seeds that have been persistently planted by the Schreibers and Ken and Ruth Murray in recent years. While the seed is small, it does bear fruit. God's Word does its work: "So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it" (Isaiah 55:11).
Thanks for following us on this trip.  
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Derrick Pringle

It is truly fantastic and wonderful what you and Bev do.

Ken Murray

So true as you say Victor, in your overall analysis of your very successful, long and arduous and sometimes very dangerous Visiting Tour.

Ken Murray

Thank you very much to you Victor & Beverly, and Dave & Jolinda Schreiber as well as Ezekiel, for making this trip. I know our fellow brethren there would have loved your visiting and your faithful messages.


Thanks for sharing with us. It was really insightful!