Sabbath at Roy Demont's

Saturday, April 06, 2019
Oribi Gorge, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Sabbath services will be held here at Twin Streams. Convenient for us! The Durban congregation was all invited to come out here for a day of worship and fellowshipping.  Again, it was a wonderful day as we met with many faithful brethren in this part of Africa. There were 25 in attendance.  Several were not able to come because of being away.
Services were at 11 am. Vivien successfully led songs.  Roy did the introductions.  I then gave two messages—one about what the Church is doing. That is an easy one for me give as my whole life is wrapped around directing efforts in our ministry and in our proclamation efforts. While it limited to the “sermonette time”, it did go a bit longer. Then more praise through singing. 
Then there was the sermon, which was an overview of the New Testament Passover and its roots.  Its roots go back to pre-foundation of the world as written in I Peter and the Book of Revelation.  The audience was most attentive.
The people overseas are very curious and well-informed about what the Church from the Home Office is doing.   There is never a dull moment.
Questions ranged from: when are we going to have more of the New Testament Bible Reading Program available?  Please tells us about the controversy about God of the Old Testament.  Have we indeed made a change?  Could you please distill succinctly what we say about the Nature of God in the Old Testament and if or what understanding is any different.  I assured people that there has been no change in our understanding in the pre-existent Divine Nature of Jesus Christ and His role in the Old Testament.  The Old Testament is clear about the presence of both God the Father and the Word that became Jesus Christ.  I directed them to our Website that contains many articles and sermons about the Nature of God, notably our 68-page study paper found at:
It is important that we not be blown by every wind of doctrine and become stable. That is a very important part of the work of our ministry (Ephesians 4).   
We had some good discussion about the new Feast site at Mossel Bay. The Church had met for decades at Uvongo, but the United Church of God had its site taken away in 2011 by another group.  It found a nice new place, but this one literally fell apart in the middle of the Feast of Tabernacles last autumn and they had to find a new venue right then and there.  They did.  Living Church of God graciously let them use the downstairs part of their FOT facility.  So, two concurrent services were held with each able to hear each other’s singing, but never did the twain meet!  Anyway, we were thankful for their graciousness.
On the 8th day of the Feast everyone met very close to where Roy Demont lives at the Paddock Farm Club. 
The new site in Mossel Bay is one where everyone will stay at one location.  There will be no need to have automotive transportation, saving much expense.  Even though the accommodations may cost more, other savings will compensate for that. 
Mossel Bay is the second sunniest area of the world next to Hawaii.  There are 320 sunny days a year. There is a beautiful overlook of the Indian Ocean.  There are many walking distance coffee shops and places to eat.
So far, only 30 from outside of South Africa have signed up to come.  I do hope that more will consider Mossel Bay.  We need speakers and volunteers to help with music and other services, as well.   
I have visited this area at least four times in the past going back to visits with Andre and Elize Van Belkum.  Some of the people were here today:
Lincoln Beck
Ray and Lorraine Mercer (he is a deacon)
Michael and Morangh Demont
Also, we met others that we enjoyed talking to:
Peter and Lyn Schutze (new people)
John-Pierre and Joanne D’hotman
Lette Puckrin and her daughter Loretta Moller
Michael “Mike” Rogers
And maybe a few more. Through the afternoon we first had snacks and socialized on the veranda overlooking the beautiful farm.  Then there was a buffet dinner.  At the Demont home, all meals are buffet style. 
People then left in carload groups after a wonderful day of socializing in faith, cause and purpose.
In the evening I did a podcast with Roy Demont and Vivien Botha.   We talked for 51 minutes—much more than needed. Maybe it will become two podcasts.  There is a lot of history and current news of Africa and the Church in it.  It will be posted online on the UCG Website in the coming month.  We really had fun doing it. 
The visit would not have been complete without a tour of Roy's Trophy Room. We all went upstairs as Roy explained all the animal trophies hanging on the walls.  Awesome. The Cape Buffalo was the the most impressive to me, but all the others were amazing, too.
Another great day. Tomorrow, Twin Streams comes to an end for us as we leave for Zambia.
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Kim Chick

What a special day for the brethren there. Thank you Victor for taking the time to share with us all, this is a great way to strengthen the unity of the church worldwide.

Howard Marchbanks

It is good to read and see evidence that God's people and the Sabbath is consistant from one side of the earth to the other.