From Durban to Lusaka, Zambia

Sunday, April 07, 2019
Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
Today we left Twin Streams, the name of Roy Demont's estate.   It was a short visit, but it is only the first of nine stops on this extended visit to as many people, churches, ministers and areas as we can get to.  Our visit with Roy, Vivien and Cathy has been a great start and helped to get used to the six-hour time change.  
Roy drove us to the Durban Airport on the N2. The N2 is a national route in South Africa that runs from Cape Town through Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban to Ermelo. It is the main highway along the Indian Ocean coast of the country and is the longest continuous road in South Africa. It takes almost two hours to drive to the airport and in spots we were able to see the crashing waves of the warm Indian Ocean. The greenery in the hills is interesting. As we get closer to Durban some of the settlements were very poor with people living in shack-like dwellings. However, there were nice homes and even some high-rise apartment buildings. South Africa has an appearance of wealth and progress, but the more you talk to people the more you hear a side of a country sliding from the high economic status it once had.  
On the road, Roy and I carried on our conversation. I asked about some of the histories of the early Dutch and English settlements in South Africa, the Zulus, Shaka, the Voortrekkers of 1835-1840 and more.  Roy delivered a torrent of history precisely with dates and commentary.  It was so interesting to listen to him.  
We arrived at Durban airport. Viv and Cathy were to leave first, but their flight got delayed by almost two hours. Our schedule was to leave at 1:05 PM non-stop to Durban on Zambia’s Proflight airline.  We had more than an hour to be together before going through security.  We had to take the international route, the Botha’s domestic. After security, we would be permanently separated. So, we first went to a coffee shop and talked some more.  Vivien and Cathy are so pleasant and easy to be with.  
We learned one thing about “boarding time” in International places.  That is almost equivalent to “departure time” because that is when they load you on a bus that takes you out to the plane.  That was the case here and we came close to missing the bus to the plane.
The flight was on Proflight, a successful Zambian airline.  Proflight has five planes and we were on the only jet in the fleet.  We were fortunate to have this a non-stop on this strange combination of cities of Durban to Lusaka. The two and a half hour flight was on small Canadair CRJ jet carrying 50 people. 
We landed at Lusaka at about the same time with three other planes from South Africa, Ethiopia, and Dubai.  We all went through immigration together. Hundreds of us!   Immigration tried to open up more lines... we got through in about an hour.  The last time we came into Zambia we were the only ones in this immigration hall. 
The new air terminal continues to be built by the Chinese as we watch the construction from year to year.
Outside the welcoming group greets us. It’s good to see everyone: 
Nawa and Felicia Talama; Mukambo Talama; Tatenda Phiri; Maureen Phiri and her husband Morris; Jonathan Litaba; Fred Mwaba and several other young adults such as Muhau and Tabo Talama.
From here we went to the Palmwood Lodge where we stayed last year.  It’s close to the center of Lusaka and has good Internet!  We asked for a room close to the front desk because that’s where the router was and the signal was great.  
We sat and talked in the courtyard and caught up on things from the year previous. Then we decided to have dinner at the hotel.  The price was very reasonable.  More talking and fellowshipping.  We feel very comfortable with these people!  
So ended the day.
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Thanks for sharing.


What an exciting customs/imigration area at the airport. So many cultures and people, and God knows everyone of them.

Slavica Radonic

Thank you Mr(and Mrs) Kubik For sharing your ministry work through means like this.How humbling to read and see the work Our Father has accomplished and dedication of the workers