Bible Study

Tuesday, April 09, 2019
Lusaka, Lusaka Province, Zambia
This is second and last full day in the Lusaka area.   The day begins with Pastor Major Nawa Talama coming to pick us up at the Palmwood Lodge.  Off we head towards the middle of the city where a big part of the Lusaka church will get together for a Bible Study, snacks and personal appointments to speak with us personally.
We see lots of people on the school grounds.  We understand that there are examinations in progress and more people than usual are around. We had rented a classroom. The people assemble. We know them all.  There were about 20-25 who came.
Coming to meetings regularly from a large area is difficult for our people. A large family cannot afford to bring all their children to services each Sabbath, so one of the parents has to stay home with them.  Public transport is expensive and it may take an hour or two to get around on different buses to get to services, even in the city.
For my Bible Study subject, I decided to continue tying up loose ends regarding questions about the name of God.  I had looked over what the Church has published on the subject on our Website and read some of our statements about Jehovah, YHVH, the Tetratramegon, I AM, etc.   The United Church of God has extensive content keying off searches on Jehovah, Names of God, YHVH and the like, plus our comprehensive paper available to all about the Nature of God, which I spoke of earlier in this travel blog. People are very interested in core doctrines and find comfort and security when we aren’t blown about by winds of doctrine.
I also went through Bullinger’s Companion Bible's famous and extensive Appendix 4 on the Names and Titles of God.
I also touched on other subjects such as angels, Passover, etc. The Bible Study lasted two and a half hours!  It was supposed to start at 10:00 am, but people didn’t assemble until 11 am. We ended at 1:30 pm.
Then, we had a snack consisting of a bun, cookies and juice.  After this we spoke privately to five different people.  My heart goes out to some of the hardships they endure.  One was a single mother of three dependent children. She ekes out a living catching fish and selling them in markets.  It sounds so hard for a single woman. She is the one whose teen daughter was killed while she was riding a bicycle in April 2014.  
This part of Zambia has suffered from drought for three years now and people are going hungry.  Our work in helping the Church involves helping with humanitarian needs. We cannot turn away from the sufferings of people.  We are so thankful for generous donors everywhere and those who contribute through LifeNets and Good Works, where we direct the aid to where it should go and make sure it gets there. 
Other matters in discussion related to buying chairs for five of the outlying congregations. The people in all those congregations sit on the floor. Chairs cost $3 each and we gave them money to buy 75 of them. 
There were lots of church matters discussed and I spoke to three of the deacons about them.
The sun was setting when we were leaving the site of our gathering today.  Sunset is before 6 pm.  Being a weeknight, this was rush hour and city traffic in Lusaka is stop-and-go.  We poked along for several miles. At one point an ambulance worked its way around us to go somewhere.
We finally got back to the Palmwood Lodge.  Bev and I went into the restaurant and were virtually the only ones there. We thoroughly enjoyed being with one another as we recounted the events of another big day here in Zambia.
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Sandy Abrell

Thank you, for sharing your travels. The pictures help me , to feel like I am there, with you and Beverly.

Howard Marchbanks

Thank you for your efforts through Life Nets and the Good Works program to help these people. May God bless those who have giving hearts and help support our brethren's faith and walk with Christ.