From Zambia to Malawi - April 16-17

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi
Today is a sad day as we leave the Pringles and now head to Malawi for almost two weeks.  We have thoroughly appreciated being with them on the long drives out to Manyinga and the churches in between.  We’ve had a lot of time together driving and visiting the congregations. I loved our evening ritual of coffee at about 5:30 pm, drinks about 6:30 pm and dinner at about 7:30 pm. I can live with this kind of schedule.  It has given us a lot of relaxed time to share thoughts and ideas.
We had our final breakfast before proceeding to Lusaka
The Pringle’s son Macky is in town. He lives in South Africa, but works with his father Derrick up here in Kitwe and travels up here almost every month. He manages some critical security fence projects with his Dad. He is returning from Ndola to South Africa on a flight about an hour and a half after ours. 
Our 40-minute flight to Lusaka is uneventful. We were expecting to meet Nawa and Felicia Talama and spend some time with them before our flight to Malawi.  But, they didn’t come. We found that there was a miscommunication and that they thought it was Wednesday. We found the SAA Lounge where our Priority Pass was good.  Then we flew for one and a half hours to Lilongwe.
There were only about 10 people on the small plane. We got right off and sailed through immigration.  We had to buy a double entry visa and this cost a total of $300.  Our Zambia double entry visa cost us both $160.  Lots of money for the privilege to enter these poor countries.
They took us to the Cluny Lodge where we will stay a week. It is a very nice place run by a man from South Africa.  Nice, clean and classy.  There are several white women staying here who are very talkative, including a chatty nurse from Montreal, Quebec in Canada, who comes here for three months every year.
Nick and Megan are amazing as far as enthusiasm for this difficult assignment. They have been here for two months and seem well acclimated. They know the people in the congregation and have clearly taken to their roles as far more than “project managers.” They are fully involved in caring for this congregation in a pastoral manner.   Doctrinally, they are well-grounded and this is top of mind in the discussion.  Also, care of the people. We look forward to our time together the coming week
We went to dinner at our favorite place, Mama Mia’s.
April 17, 2019
This morning we go to the LifeNets Business Center for LifeNets and Church organizational meetings.
We are so happy to Joseph Mughogho, who is LifeNets Business manager and accountant for the Church. He is a man of great integrity and wisdom and has been a key figure in the Church here in Lilongwe.
Then, seeing our young ladies Juliana Kachali who runs the Internet Café and Chimwemwe Kalima who runs the Grocery. Both are key to our LifeNets Business Centre.
The LifeNets meeting began with Joseph giving a financial report which he does so well. We had a full agenda of business. This meeting is held only twice a year. Also present was Haiton Thungula, Cephas Chapamba, Francis Ngpola, Nicholas and Megan Lamoureaux and us. And, Joseph, of course.  Aaron Dean joined us on WhatsApp at 2 pm, 8 am in Cincinnati. We talked a lot about enhancing our income and moving people towards self-sufficiency.
Then we held a Church organizational meeting. Again, Joseph is a master of financial planning.
We finished at about 4:15 pm and have been going since 10:00 am. Long day.
We then decided to go to Galitos Chicken that we have always liked here in Lilongwe, Blantyre, and Lusaka.
Each day is a learning experience. The people and churches and LifeNets has greatly matured.  We are pleased. We love the Lilongwe people.
Tomorrow is Passover night….
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