First Day of UB in Lilongwe

Saturday, April 20, 2019
Lilongwe, Central Region, Malawi
Today we head for Church at 9:45 am for a 10:30 am service. We are always glad to see Nick and Megan. We feel comfortable in Malawi.
We really love our Church hall.  The Church owns this building and the business center in front of it. We had 70 people in services yesterday. Yesterday for the Night To Be Much Observed we had 67 in attendance.  Great crowd.
Would you believe that services started on time!  They were scheduled for 10:30 and 10:30 indeed was when they got started.  I was actually startled.
Nick did a good job on the offering message. He has a distinct, clear style of speaking.  Good thoughts and transitions. Thanks, Nick!
All our English messages are translated into Chewa.  That takes time… cuts our speaking time in half.  You would think that stopping and going would help you formulate your thoughts.  For me, not really.  Sometimes, I almost forget what I said!  The rest of this trip is going to be with translated messages into Chewa.
Looking over the audience, I was pleased to see brand new people from years past. Also, seeing the ones that go back to my first personal contact with Malawians in 1996.  I met them first at the Feast of Tabernacles in Mutare, Zimbabwe. One young lady is a Muslim by the name of Amina who seemed very keen to be with us.  She is a friend of Chimemwe and I saw her in our grocery store at the business center.
I made a big announcement about an administrative change.  Aaron Dean has been the Senior Pastor of Malawi, but he has not been able to travel here of late. After our discussions here and with others, we decided to name Lewis VanAusdle as Senior Pastor.  He is US pastor in the New York City area currently. He and his wife Lena have served here in Malawi for an entire year during 2017. He knows the people well and I thought he’d be a good fit. I'm know he will be.  Also, his wife Lena oversees Good Works and works seamlessly with my wife Bev who runs LifeNets.  A lot of our aid goes to Malawi.  I feel that Lewis will be able to provide good oversight for the entire country of Malawi and report back to me. I sensed the reaction of the people to be positive.
I gave the sermon about Lessons from the Exodus keying in on statements in I Corinthians 10 and Romans 15 indicating that there are critical things to learn in Old Testament experiences. 
After services, we were all treated to a Samosa snack and talked to a lot of people we know.  We spent time talking to Mwai formerly Chonde.  Also, we talked to Beverly's namesake, 17-year old Beverly Chonde.  She has really grown up to become a fine young lady.
In the afternoon we had a Bible Study that turned more into a church service.  Most everyone stayed.  I spoke about the Nature of God and focused on the Holy Spirit. We had miscellaneous Bible questions from the audience.
Then more fellowship. Emmanuel Rashid’s little son John followed me around.  I was as fascinated by him as he was of me.  Fine young little man.
Then, with the Lamoureux’s we went to dinner at an outdoor nature place.  I can’t place the name, but it was pleasant. We took Julie (also known as Juliana) Kachali with us.  She manages our Internet Café. Then back to the lodge. We leave at 6:30 am for Chipata, Zambia in the morning.  Chipata and Filius and Chosiwe Jere!
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