The long trip back to the United States / Epilogue

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Kentucky, United States
I got up at 3:45 am… at about 4:30 I heard a car enter our lodge. It’s Gracious! He thinks we need to get going earlier and we head out shortly after 5 am. 
We say good-bye to Smart On.
This is a beautiful lodge with a beautiful pool. But, the lack of thought about what guests may want or need was so overwhelming. Here are some of the issues:
·         No towel racks (or should I say towel rack)
·         Only one towel (but that wasn’t bad because there was no place to hang it.)
·         No Internet and sporadic attempts to make it work
·         Toilet paper had to be asked for
·         Rooms were not made up
·         Washing clothes by them was an ordeal and we had to ask to get our clothes back, ready or not.
·         In the grand finale on the last morning, there was no hot water and we had invigorating cold showers before leaving.
I’m glad we didn’t get one of those “How well did we do” surveys.
We enjoyed visiting with Gracious on our five hour drive up to the Lilongwe Airport, which is on the north side of Lilongwe.
From the car I took lots of photos. The Malawi landscape is beautiful... it’s a very pretty ride with the hills and mountains.
There are so many expressions about God posted on mini-vans. Statements like:
·         God is Wonderful
·         God is Able
·         Grace Upon Grace
·         God First
·         Jesus is the Answer
Gracious dropped us off at the airport about 10:45 am and we checked in uneventfully and flew to Johannesburg. Then at 6:35 pm we took off for the United States.
We flew uneventfully from Lilongwe to Johannesburg. Then from Johannesburg to Accra and on to Washington D.C.  
On the Lilongwe/JNB segment we met Sharon Marquees from Blantyre. She is owner of Al Pacino's Restaurant and Bar. She knew many of the people that we know from Blantyre. We had a most pleasant conversation! 
What we appreciated most on this trip was our brethren and our ministry. They were so appreciative of the work being done from the Home Office. The avidly read everything that comes to them. They are biblically astute and want to learn.  
They commented about how much they appreciated the lectures that were recently given here by Darris McNeely and previous to that by Steve Myers.
This trip to Africa was the most momentous and wonderful one we have ever gone on. We are so encouraged and enlightened. We love our dear friends and forever will.
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Michael Snyder

Amazing photos - thanks for posting. Glad you and Bev made it back safely!