On Our Way!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
The journey began today. Bev and I picked up Jorge and Kathy exactly at 12:30 PM and drove to Cincinnati airport CVG. There we met up with Darris McNeely who is ALSO going to Africa, but to Ivory Coast (Côte de'Ivoire in French). We talked some and parted, wishing each other well on our missions.  Darris will be conducting training classes for the church and leaders with French translation. It is a valiant effort that require lots of stamina and I admire him for what he does. 
Off we flew on an uneventful one hour and 15 minute flight to Toronto. We are at this moment waiting for our flight to Frankfurt, Germany. 
It’s been so enjoyable and educational talking to Jorge and Kathy and getting to know them better. I first met them and stayed with them Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2000... almost exactly 19 years ago. Before Facebook and blogs I wrote on my website and still have a record of one of my earlier trips to Souther Africa... one of those places is http://www.lifenets.org/africa2000/pix11.htm in 2000.
I am so looking forward to this Angolan experience. We talked about the people there and trying to be as prepared for all the people we will see. We want to understand what their church roles are and what they do.
Stay tuned!
In the next entry I'll share some of the history of the Angolan people we are going to visit!

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Ellen Burton

God bless you all and have a blessed, peaceful,& productive Sabbath!!