Thursday, July 25, 2019
Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
We arrived safely in Frankfurt after an overnight flight from Toronto. We now have an 11 hour layover until our flight tonight at 10:00 pm to Luanda, Angola. The long flight was uneventful.  The only news about the flight was that that Air Canada had the wrong food meal order put on the plane. There was only one meal choice—chicken. We watched the movie "First Man" about the moon landing 50 years ago. It was very interesting... especially because it covered the events of the Gemini space program leading to the Apollo launches. It brought back all my high school days' history of the space program and what exciting days those were!
Jorge de Campos will be adding his comments to this blog, so it will be a combined blog from both of us. 
Today we spent 10 hours in the Sky Lounge. It was not crowded. We were even able to sleep on a sofa that was almost a bed. Very relaxing. Then we were able to talk and there was plenty of snacks and food. And, time to read and snooze off and on. 
As I write we are about to go to our gate for the 8 hour flight to Luanda. Today in Frankfurt it is 104 degrees F! Must be record-breaking. In Paris the temperature reached 108.6 degrees F!

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