Arrival in Manila...met by the Dobson's!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Metro Manila, Philippines
Today begins at 3:30 am as we get up and put our final everything together.   Jessica Hendrickson is our driver today and she’s picking up Darris and Debbie McNeely then coming by our home to get us at 7:30.  It’s amazing how many things come together.  The expression “If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.”   I have a number of lecture and things in progress that I’ve been trying to tie up….mostly concerned one of the presentations about the Hebrew Calendar.  It is not a subject to cover adequately in an hour and a half and our audience would appreciate a clear overview with pointers for in-depth understanding of the subject. 
It has snowed some and we were concerned about the weather as we have a rather tight connection in Detroit followed by a short connection in Tokyo before heading to Manila.  But, all is well.  Jessica and the McNeely’s come right at 7:30 am and we’re off to the airport.  No delays.  The airport is rather empty and we check in quickly—even had time to stop in to the Priority Pass lounge and have breakfast.  Then on to Detroit.  Uneventful   
Then the big flight lasting almost 14 hours to Tokyo Narita airport. I was able to get some work done—there was 110 volt power at the seat for the computer as well as power for recharging the phone.  
In Tokyo a quick change of planes as we continued on to Manila and 5 hour flight. 
In Manila we are met by David and Denise Dobson who take us to the Belmont Hotel. Long day, but we're here and all set.I've written the following for the eNews for this week:
We arrived in Manila Wednesday night after an uneventful flight from Cincinnati and were met by David and Denise Dobson. Along with Darris and Debbie McNeely, Bev and I are looking forward with great anticipation to the coming activities here. We will start with a Kingdom of God seminar in Manila on the Sabbath. Then from Monday through Friday, we will conduct a comprehensive training conference for our ministry and leaders from all over the Philippines as well as some from Malaysia and Myanmar. 
Events like this are so helpful for developing and sharpening the skills of our ministry in helping them care for our brethren in their congregations. Senior pastor David Dobson and his wife Denise will help with presentations.  Former Philippines senior pastor Earl Roemer will also be with us. 
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Esther Zornes

Glad things are going as planned, praying for everyones'health and well being.

Betsy Colbeth

God be with you all & prayers for total success with your goals of the trip!

Jeanne Thorne

It is a blessing for us that you Take time to update us on these very important trips! Again I thank you so much