Manila American Cemetery Visit

Sunday, December 22, 2019
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
Today we spent the afternoon with Wes Kerlin and his wife Madel at the American Military Cemetery in Manila. It is the largest such cemetery outside the United States. Our guide was Wes Kerlin who  very knowledgeable about the military history of the Philippines. It is always sobering to visit these cemeteries where soldiers from military campaigns are buried.  

It was somber, uplifting and full of thanks. It heartwarming to know the United States takes such great care of the cemeteries overseas where are military hero have been laid to rest. Words fall well short of being able to truly describe our visit today. There are over 17,000 dead American, Filipino and Allied Forces buried at the cemetery. The names of the more than 36,000 missing in action are listed on panels as well.
At the cemetery Darris McNeely and I made a podcast hopefully to be released this coming Thursday.
Manila American Cemetery is located in the Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, within the boundaries of the former Fort William McKinley.
The photos in today’s report tell the story of our afternoon which was most sobering and left us pensive.
In the evening we had our opening night of the Ministerial Conference here in Manila for all the ministers in the Philippines, one from Myanmar and one from Myanmar.
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Sandy abrell

Thank you. You are helping us, to feel like we are there. So shocking this information. I never knew about this cemetery. I will be praying, for all, of you.

Filius C. Jere

The one thing about the United Church of God, aia, in the Eastern Province of Zambia is the perception that it is a new small family arrangement like the many "Christian" units mushrooming all over the place. This visit to the eastern regions puts paid to the claim that the addresses in UCG publications are mere empty notations. Fare you well among our Philippine brethren.