Good-bye Manila; Hello Singapore!

Friday, December 27, 2019
Singapore, Singapore
Today is our last day in the Philippines, but it’s a big one with a half day of training and flight to Singapore.
I had the first session this morning and had some presentations that needed live Internet to work. It all worked in our hotel room, but in the basement of the hotel the Internet was very unstable and the needed presentations kept crashing. I had wanted to demonstrate the functionality of some web-based resources, including the UCG ministerial website. However, I was able to use a PowerPoint and show the functionality of eSword. 
There are presentations we did not make, but we are going to make this information available online to all who attended this conference. What makes presentations memorable is to have feedback and a sense of whether the material is useful. We could not have possibly covered everything we wanted to in the time we had. We will provide all our backup notes, PowerPoints, videos, audios along with additional study material (such as notes from lectures we did not have the opportunity to give).
I was also going to give more detail about smartphone apps, but found that many here already had smartphones and some of the Bible apps that I was going to discuss such as Blue Letter Bible (BLB) YouVersion and other programs. Also, some were knowledgeable with e-Sword.  Some were very well advanced in the use of Bible apps. Some were familiar with online translations that we were not that knowledgeable of such as the Modern King James Version.  
Darris McNeely asked for time to give a presentation about Acts 20, which is the Apostle Paul’s emotional farewell with the elders of Ephesus with whom he had been working for three years. 
Finally, we did an assessment all together about the entire training seminar. It was all out in the open and we all heard each other’s comments. I really like the way this went and plan to use this method in our U.S. regional conferences to assess the effectiveness of the program and discuss how it can be improved. This seemed to be the way that was most meaningful because everyone was involved in the assessment and heard each other’s comments.  
Finally, we came to the end of the conference. Presentations of gratitude and appreciation were given to all presenters. We received framed 8 x 10 photos of our entire group in a beautiful frame made of Capiz shells (which are the outer shells of marine mollusks).
The last special presentation was to Earl Roemer, who served here as senior pastor since about 1997 until three years ago. His generous heart with alongside his able wife Carol laid a foundation for what fruit we were able to see today. It was a fitting finish to a wonderful week. 
We are so thankful that the transition of senior pastor was seamlessly made to David and Denise Dobson who have been so loving and caring for the Filipino brethren.
We’ve had wonderful conversations and bonding with Rey and Cynthia Evasco, Raul and Marita Villacote, Roy and Sheila Gilos, Jose and Deodita Campos, Bong and Grace Remo, Bennie Lorenzo, Karlo and Madz Santos and all the rest of the attendees.
Earl Roemer is headed for Hong Kong where we will meet up with him next week. Then he, along with David and Denise, will travel to Myanmar.
We had our final lunch, said good-byes and walked over to Terminal 3 of the Manila airport.  David and Denise led us. 
We left on time for our 5 p.m. flight to Singapore, arriving in Singapore at about 9 p.m. No time change. We took the shuttle to the Grand  Mercure Hotel. All is moving along extremely smoothly.
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