Singapore Sabbath

Saturday, December 28, 2019
Singapore, Singapore
Again, another wonderful Sabbath in Asia. It was just one week ago we held the Kingdom of God seminar in Metro Manila, now we’re in Singapore.
UCG member Clarice picked us up at our hotel. One of the restaurants for breakfast is right on our 17th floor at the Grand Mercure Hotel. The view or the Malacca Straits is awesome. There are so many ships waiting to enter into the ports including huge tanker and container ships.  It’s an entirely different world—the maritime world and all that goes on in seagoing commerce.  Many smaller ships are refueling the bigger ships.
Services are at Rosalind Yong’s condo.  She lives on the top floor penthouse which has a rooftop view the harbor… truly spectacular.
It was good to get reacquainted with Henry and Carol Chin. Then Clarice and Lillie. There was a visitor of Indian descent from Kuala Lumper who was very interested in proliferating Beyond Today into the Malay language that is spoken by many Indonesians. His name was Selvartnam Sinniadurai. 
In the morning I covered the subject of Grace and spoke about our new booklet on the subject.   The Bible study was followed by a lunch and lots of excited talk. 
In the afternoon, Darris McNeely covered the story of the beginning of the church at Philippi from the Book of Acts. Rosalind’s son JJ led songs for both the Bible study and the church service.
After the church service more snacks… we were filling up and they still had dinner planned at the Chinese Swimming Club.
We really appreciate the faithfulness of the church that meets here in remoteness from all of other congregations.  The closest churches are Hong Kong, a 4-hour flight away, and Perth, Australia that is a little more than 5 hours away by plane. 
One of the members Clement Lim who has been a member for more than 50 years. He was baptized in London, England. Clement calls me from time to time in Cincinnati. I first met him at the Feast of Tabernacles in Phuket, Thailand in 1993. Our plan is to visit him tomorrow (Sunday).
We had a visitor from Toronto, Canada today. The people here are a very close-knit group that have known each other for decades in some cases.
In the evening we went to the Swimming Club that Rosalind and her husband belong to.  Swimming Clubs are like Fitness Centers in the US. She told us many people belong to clubs like this because people have limited space on this island populated by more than five million people and clubs like this give them a venue for physical recreation. 
We had an enjoyable meal at the swim club. Chinese restaurants tend to be quite noisy…people enjoy talking to one another… all at the same time. A fun feature of the restaurant was a robot bussing dishes—a cute yellow box roaming around the tables. 
Here is a link to our previous visit to Singapore three and a half years ago.
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