Gardens by the Bay

Monday, December 30, 2019
Singapore, Singapore
Today is Gardens by the Bay day. The centerpieces are two domes… one called the Cloud Forest and the other is the Flower Dome. Both are huge inside of an air-conditioned dome. We really enjoyed this last time we were here, three and a half years ago. Henry and Carol Chin were our hosts and we took Lilly and Clarice Chew with us for the day. Also, the Chin’s daughter Sarah and her one year old son Decklen came along. It was wonderful to be with these people all day long.
In the morning before we went, Darris and I recorded a podcast in a conference room at the hotel. We talked about the entire trip that included the chronology, impressions and where we go next. We've done three podcasts on the road so far.  
First, we were invited to Lillian and Clarices Singapore Swimming Club for lunch. As always, a Chinese meal is an adventure of unknown tastes. Dishes were ordered and passed around. That’s the best way to do Chinese food.
From here off to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which towers over the Park. It is monumental with a depiction of a ship at the top. It’s from here that you enter the park best. It took some twists and turns in traffic to find how to get into the park.  It was probably the busiest day of the year being holiday time. Lots of tourists.. and it was packed. Also, it was Xmas season with all the music and decorations that overshadowed the beauty of nature and the arboretum look and feel. But we still enjoyed it very much. We walked through both domes and saw yet another flower exhibit. 
We walked about five miles today. In the evening there was a display at the Supertree Grove that had a light show at the end. There were thousands of people present with all leaving the attraction at the same time. We went out the same way we came, but this time in a mob of people. We finally got back to the hotel about 8:45 p.m.  
We appreciated the kindness and hospitality of the Chin’s along with Lilly and Clarice for the day-long experience. 
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