Stanley Market, Victoria Peak

Thursday, January 02, 2020
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The street protests continue. The first two days of January there were more than 200,000 protesting. It is all occurring about two miles from us. We don’t need to go and see it, but life in the city is taken in stride. The local newspaper shows the large crowds protesting, but we don’t get a sensation that anything is threatening to us.
Today was one of our tour days of Hong Kong. Darris and Debbie are here for the first time and you really need to get an overview of the area to appreciate not only the geography, but the people, neighborhoods, markets and LIFE in a community.  Hong Kong is a special community that deserves a special look. 
Hong Kong is about twice as big as Singapore. Singapore is approximately 719 sq km, while Hong Kong is approximately 1,108 sq km. Meanwhile, the population of Singapore is ~5.9 million people (1.3 million more people live in Hong Kong).
We are on Hong Kong Island. I’m being kidded by all, even Darris and Debbie for being so disoriented.  I feel like I’m looking over to the Island, but it’s really the mainland side of Hong Kong which is called Kowloon.
Mary came by after breakfast with Connie Chen from Harbin, China who is staying with her. Connie’s English is not very good, but we really try to communicate with her. 
We go through Hong Kong to Stanley Market on the outskirts of the city. Street life is always very interesting. We take the MTR which is their subway system, then the bus all the way out to Stanley Market. All the scenery is fascinating to us. From densely populated city to the countryside... all on Hong Kong Island. We cross over a reservoir that supplies Hong Kong’s water supply. We pass by some very expensive properties…condos that cost millions! Mary Ong lives in the Quarry Bay area. 
In the market area there are thousands of things to buy. Scarves, jade, jewelry, electronics.  I got my grandsons a little drone.
We stopped by one of the shops owned by the mother of one of Mary Ong’s tutored children. We bought some items there. 
We went to a local restaurant through a very narrow walkway. Very narrow—like the eye of the needle. 
We had noodle dishes with beef. No forks. We had to do with chop sticks. It was very enjoyable. 
Then back to the center of the Island and a bus to the top of Victoria Peak to see the city at sunset. When we got to the top Mary took us on a few mile walk around Victoria Peak. There was some haze at first, but then the air cleared and the lights of the city was brilliantly sparkling. Beautiful lighted city of Hong Kong.
We were going to go out to dinner, but it was getting late and we just headed back to the hotel where Earl Roemer was waiting for us. We brought Connie with us... she’s actually staying with Mary Ong at her apartment in Quarry Bay. 
Thus ended another adventure on this trip!
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Esther Zornes

Really enjoyed the pictures. Hope everyone enjoyed their time.