Visit to Web Branding and Marketing Agency

Friday, January 03, 2020
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Today, our group went on tour today to the Kowloon, that’s the part of Hong Kong on the mainland side of the city. Terry Franke from Alaska arrived yesterday and was going to be here for the Kingdom of God seminar as well as work with the Web developer that the church has used previously to bring the current Website up snuff.
The updated site will have literature in the Mandarin (two forms of it) as well as English. That requires a special new site. Also, the site will be brought up to consistency with UCG.ORG. The office of the Web Branding and Marketing agency is called Lolli and is just around the corner from our hotel on the 40th floor.  The young man we met with is Jonathan Lo who has developed what we have so far. 
We had a fruitful one and a quarter hour discussion about how to feature our booklets in Chinese as well as how to link with the home office Web site.  Terry Franke is taking care of matters from our end.  I found the discussion stimulating and most interesting how we can establish a legitimate and credible presence here in Hong Kong, as well as reach towards mainland China. We are finding that much more can be done than we thought. We can actually reach into China and into the major cities advertising our literature in Mandarin to multiple millions! We need to increase our Beyond Today subscriber list here in Hong Kong from the small amount we have. We are hopeful that the Kingdom of God seminar will bear fruit. The Chinese people have a special focus on family and success. In our discussion we talked about tailoring a message more to where the Chinese are. 
Just a note about social media that was interesting to me since it compared well with the Hong Kong people to the U.S. First, Facebook is for people over 40. It's not the kids thing anymore.  Actually, the 25-40 crowd is Instagram mostly. Snapchat, which we did not discuss seriously, is for those below 25.  
While I was with Terry Franke and Mary Ong with Jonathan, Darris, Debbie, Connie and Bev went to Kowloon and saw the sights there. Debbie and Bev were excited to see a Chinese Junk and Sanpan in the harbor. Just like in the movies and stories about China!
Earl and I had lunch and I'm adding to my story right now.
In the evening we had dinner with some of our friends in Hong Kong, but we are getting tired and several were missing... but looking forward to the Kingdom of God seminar tomorrow!
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