Kingdom of God Seminar

Saturday, January 04, 2020
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Today is our last full day in Hong Kong and on this almost three-week journey. It will be a full day at that with the Kingdom of God Bible Seminar, a group podcast, last visit with the people and getting ready to go home.
We have appreciated being able to stay here at the Island Pacific Hotel... everything is here including the venue for the Kingdom of God seminar.
In the morning, I got my last notes for the seminar together and decided to make PowerPoint slide for about half-dozen most relevant scriptures about my topic. We showed master slide for the seminar on the screen. I actually like doing this. While I read the scripture, the people look straight at it and read along. It started with Jesus Christ’s keynote address in Mark 1:14 about The Kingdom of God is at hand…. repent and believe the gospel. Then I went in to a few Isaiah and Daniel scriptures which would have been the only reference for the people at that time to what was meant by Kingdom of God. It was a government, a new world order yet to come. I think that this visual connection is helpful. It’s the first time I’ve done it and noted that when I read the passage, the people were intently looking at the screen and doing the only they could do: reading the scripture. 
Before the program, Sophia Ma, Mary Ong’s daughter, played the piano with nice background music as the people arrived in the room.
We started with assistant senior pastor Terry Franke leading two hymns. Music is important.  Then Sophia played a special piece of music before I was introduced for the first message. I spoke about 40 minutes. Then Darris spoke. I felt that both of us were very passionate and focused, but that is a self-assessment. I do know that the look of people’s faces was very focused. They wanted to hear what was said.
Then Sophia played some more. By the way, Jerusha (Connie) Chen our lady from Harbin, China, also played the piano before church. She played beautifully.
Afterwards, there were snacks... sandwiches, bars, cookies, coffee, tea. I was told that if you any kind of public event in Asian countries, you must have snacks. Letting people know that there will be snacks makes them come… and hopefully, listen. I guess I learned that when I did LifeNets displays at events. I would have a bowl of high quality chocolates at my exhibit. The people did come and flock around the exhibit. 
We were concerned about Earl Roemer who tripped on a floor with carpet and fell. He gashed his face, but we were thankful that one of the members of the Hong Kong church, Dr. Peter Chau was able to help him and later take him in for stitches. We marvel at Earl Roemer’s desire to participate and promote and do the Work of God.
The normal attendance of the Hong Kong Church is about 10. Twenty-one people were here for the seminar. Some had not been to church for a long time. One person was totally new… never heard of us before. His name was Victor and he was so happy to be there. He was researching the topic of the Kingdom of God online and came across our seminar. Then as a subscriber to Beyond Today he received an invitation to the seminar and was glad to come. He stayed on for a long time afterwards and really wanted to come to services which are held at Mary Ong’s home. Darris talked to him for a long time. 
One couple who came was just married civilly in the morning. They asked Darris and me to give God’s blessing on them. We obliged. We took a group picture. Their names were Edwin and Janet. 
Then we did a podcast with Mary, Darris, Debbie, Rhea, Terry and me. The podcast featured some insightful comments about the Asian people, the Hong Kong protests and evangelism.We did have a technical problem and about five minutes of it didn’t get recorded, but I believe the main portion will be OK. This was the fourth podcast we made on this trip. 
Then we went out to dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away. I just love the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong life. Little restaurants all over the place. There is something so very charming about this place.
About the protests. What protests? They hardly talk about them. To see the protests you have to turn on TV in America or the UK. Yet, on New Year’s Day there were upwards of 200,000 people protesting just a few miles from the hotel. Their own people take all this philosophically in stride. That’s all I’ll say. 
So ended Saturday night. We leave Sunday morning, January 5, for Seoul, Korea, then Atlanta and finally Cincinnati.
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Jeanne Thorne

Amazing pictures along with the amazing work you do fills my heart with such joy! I appreciate the fact that you take the time to keep us all posted so that we may pray for the success of the seminars and for all of your health while your away