The long flight back - concluding thoughts....

Sunday, January 05, 2020
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
We say good-bye to Asia today as we fly from Hong Kong to Seoul, South Korea, then Atlanta and finally home to Cincinnati. A long trip home spanning half the time zones of the world.
Today, also, David and Denise Dobson left for Thailand to meet with Leon Sexton regarding church matters in Myanmar. Earl Roemer was to go, too, but he had a little accident just before the Kingdom of God seminar.  He tripped at the entry into the meeting room and gashed above his left eye. It was a deep wound and he had to have stitches. As a result, it was better not to fly, so he stayed back.  
Hong Kong is truly a majestic city and one with great potential for the gospel. I found that in both in Hong Kong as well as Singapore there is great potential. There is adequate freedom to preach the Kingdom of God to a population that is highly literate—and in the English language, no less. 
We appreciated being able to present our Kingdom of God seminars in Manila and Hong Kong in the English language. We were very disappointed that we could not do the same in Singapore, which has more than 10 times as many Beyond Today subscribers as Hong Kong.   We were led to believe that some kind of anti-sedition laws prevented us from doing a public seminar. I don’t believe that that was all that accurate because when we got there the brethren didn’t seem to think that that was the case. They said that they would prepare for a future seminar. Singapore has Christian churches publicly visible. Religions are 16% Christian, 16% Muslim, 35% Buddhist and the rest miscellaneous. 
We are going to have get serious about doing what God has commissioned us to do in Matthew 28:19-20 and Matthew 24:14.  I think we have it easier than the Apostle Paul in the first century Roman world. He did what God commissioned him to do. I do feel that we missed a great opportunity in Singapore and would like to make good on it. We have 375 subscribers in Singapore and with a 10% turnout rate, we could have a respectable number of new people come.
We have before us challenges of fulfilling our Great Commission. We have practical and relevant activities to do as Paul did. Churches did develop in Asia Minor and Greece. But, it was not always easy. After Paul met with Lydia and the others in Philippi, he was imprisoned.  We have not come anywhere near that. He was also beaten. That’s worse than just being imprisoned. But, he kept on in spite of from opposition from outside and from within. Most would hide and quit. 
We need a program of reaching out to the public in lectures where we can. We are now reaching out via the internet in Chinese. That should be up shortly. We need to promote Beyond Today through Google and similar advertising opportunities. We need to communicate with the base of people who find their way to Words of Truth as we all did. 
I was so encouraged by the man in Hong Kong who was wondering about the Kingdom of God, subscribed to our magazine, got invited to our seminar which was right on the topic we were preaching, came to our seminar and now wants to learn more. A beautiful attitude. We would like to see more of this! But it will take hard work on our part to preach, train and ordain elders who will continue the work as Paul did. We should be grateful to God for what we already have, but work towards the next step. We need to use our Feast of Tabernacles in these faraway areas as arenas where we meet with our base of subscribers. God will bless us then when we develop this mindset. 
On this trip we had no real discomfort or sickness, no missed or late flights. Weather was good. We are so thankful for that. I’m thankful for all the people who are working in various functions to preach the Gospel and care for the people. Besides the great group of leaders in the Philippines, I thank Rosalind Yong in Singapore and Mary Ong in Hong Kong, who are the “Lydias” of the Far East. 
I thank Earl Roemer who put his heart into caring for the Philippines and now Hong Kong. He has a heart of gold and has truly put forth effort to serve this area. I thank Terry Franke who helps Earl and puts a lot of his own resources to care for this area. I thank David and Denise Dobson who gently, kindly and lovingly administer the Philippines. I thank all the elders in the Philippines who seriously take their calling. I thank Darris and Debbie McNeely who came on this trip and provided much needed teaching and training resources. Finally,  I thank my wife Bev who almost always accompanies me and provides support for everything I do. She provides special ladylike help to the feminine gender.  She is both a lady and a lion in our work. Both feminine and feline.
I thank God for making all this possible as He gives us His grace to do the things we do.   
Great trip. Glad to be home. Thanks for following us on this blog!
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Denise Dobson

Thank you so very much for sharing your trip and thoughts with us! And thank you for your kind words. Your service and leadership and vision are much needed. May God continue to bless you and Bev and the McNeelys with the health and heart to so actively share the Gospel wherever He leads. What an honor and a joy to share in His work!

Earl L Roemer

Thanks Vic! It was great of you & Bev, and the McNeelys to come to "our part of the world"!!! I know personally that the folks in the Philippines and Hong Kong were deeply appreciative for, and very excited about, your visit. I am confident that the folks in Singapore felt the same.

Brenda Screen-Thompson

Glad to hear you all arrived home safe and healthy, and that everyone was healthy and able to complete such a busy schedule of service. I look forward to hearing the new podcast and I am inspired to consider ways I should be behaving as a gentle light in my community. Thank-you for your journal!

Ellen Burton

Thank you all for preaching the gospel to the world! Church members so appreciate the encouragement from leaders when they are visited from the home office. You inspire us all to do a better job in our communities and to be lights in a dark world!