Our days in Malawi moving along...

Friday, October 17, 2008
Mangochi, Malawi
Our days in Malawi will soon come to and end. Scott Lockwood begged off riding the bike today and went jogging instead. I went bike riding. The road for riding is such an improvement over the past times. The entrance road is graded and the main highway is now paved.
I wanted to bike as far north as the next major resort Sun and Sands. I find the day to day life of these people fascinating.....everything from what the carry, what they sell, their shops, their carrying babies, the goats on the road.-all that sort of thing.  

I biked and biked and still no Sun and Sands. Well, I must be getting old and it just seems like a long way. After an hour I have to turn around. Then I find that I had passed up the small sign about three miles earlier! So, maybe I'm not getting older after all. The bike is a size too small for me and I earlier mentioned that it has some "problems."  Like no brakes and basically being stuck in one gear. Thankfully, it's not too low a gear.
Church starts at 10:30 am.  The women's choir sang. It seemed like most of the adult women in the congregation participated. They all wore a similar headpiece and skirt. Bev and Collette were among the singers. They looked great! I gave a message about focusing on and respecting our children who are a big part of the attendees of the Feast.     
Today and tomorrow we are hosting a lunch at the Nkopola Lodge for all the people attending the Feast. Today the Lilongwe people are invited and the Blantyre people will come tomorrow. Bev has pushed the management to really have all the food READY TO SERVE by 1:30 pm. The entire affair is a great success. The buffet line moves smoothly, on time and everyone is happy. Lots of time in the afternoon left for recreation.
We held another LifeNets meeting to discuss the prioritization of projects, scholarships and assessment of what we do here in Malawi. We are putting more responsibility on the board here in being decision-makers not only in how our annual budget is distributed, but also which projects they deem to be most valuable. We find that there is a great demand for education-even upgrading secondary high school education.
We spent some time setting up some of the computers we brought over. We brought over six laptops. Five are brand new Compaq's and one is my personal laptop that I'm giving away. For each one we brought extras such a mouse and flash disk. I'm also leaving my PowerPoint projector here to our medical student Cephas Chapamba. He gives lectures on health and said that a projector would help him a lot. I've owned the one I have for eight years and am happy it has a new home that can be of use.
At 5:30 pm we watched the video "The Privileged Planet" which was similar to "The Case for a Creator."  Afterwards Lockwood's and us took several people to dinner at the Nkopola Lodge. While dinner is very slow in coming, it does allow for a lot of spontaneous conversation. An expression of people here is, "you have the watches, we have the time!"
Another great day. In the years since we've been here for the Feast starting in 2003, the attendance has grown from 100 to about 150. 
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