We're on our way!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
New York City, New York, United States
We're off! We left Indianapolis Tuesday at 11:00 am. For JFK airport in New York. There we met with Scott and Carolyn Scharpen who flew in from Los Angeles. Together we will travel for the first part of our trip to Budapest and then to Vinogradov, Ukraine.
Before leaving on this trip to Europe it's been wildly busy getting everything together for this trip. Since mid-November I've had a Council of Elders Ethics Committee retreat in Colorado and a December Council meeting in Cincinnati. Then another get-together with Johnnie Lambert in Cincinnati to discuss international mailing and a Boot Scoot fund raiser in Ft. Worth, Texas. I'm not a late night person as I prefer to work early in the morning, but I was burning the candle both ends before this trip.
But now it's technical problems with my Blackberry phone. I got this phone so that I would have easy Internet access along with phone access from overseas. The phone failed. I spent about two hours with tech support and we finally determined that the phone is bad. Bummer. All my communications will now have to be on the Internet.
Scott and Carolyn have a passionate interest in the Vinogradov Street Children and want to see the children for the first time. We already see that this trip will really be enjoyable with them. We're flying through the night on a Delta non-stop flight from JFK to BUD.
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