Wrapping up in Tartu

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Tartu, Estonia
The first thing we did this morning was get right to the mailing because we want to take as much as we can to the Post Office. We cannot wait until the last day should something could go wrong. We have until 5:20 PM tomorrow when our train leaves for Tallinn across the street from the apartment.  
After working about 45 minutes I knew there was something wrong about the way I was feeling. I got nauseous and broke out into a sweat. Not now! I'm telling myself. We really need to get this mailing done. I prayed that God would give me immediate relief-at least to get the job done. I laid down and slept about an hour and felt markedly better. God had answered my prayer.  
At about 12:30 PM we have the mailing mostly done. There are many sacks and boxes to take to the Post Office, but no worries. We have German the Russian Estonian cab driver who is more than happy to not only drive us, but also help get awkward loads like this one negotiated. We drove to the Post Office and he helped bring all the boxes and sacks in the franking room where I will pay the postage for the mailing.
Today it's Russian ladies who work back there. Both very pleasant. The first one particularly, Oksana Agapova. It took quite a while to determine the postage. Some packets of similar materials, so that went fast, but there were very many that were assorted and had to be processed separately. And I was asked to fill out a customs declaration for each country we sent to.
Bev and I felt good leaving the Post Office with the job mostly done. We have maybe 50 or so to finish tonight and then the job is totally done!  
We went to the Wilde restaurant for lunch and then talked to the managers of the various Tartu hotels: Barclays, London, Drakooni and and Dorpat Spa, a new hotel by the bus station.
The hospitality business is languishing and we found that we could get tremendous discounts...up to 45 per cent off. If the dollar hold well against the Kroon and we indeed get this kind of discount, Estonia can be a great value this fall. The hotels we really liked were the Drakooni and the London. The London Hotel also has a very nice conference room to suit us. And, it's right in the middle of the charming center of Tartu.
Bev and I then walked back to the apartment. I'm not feeling 100% so I'll take it easy. The rest of the day I dragged with this flu-like feeling. Hope it changes....there is still a lot to do and Tallinn and Sweden ahead of us. I put up a YouTube video of our Vinogradov kids singing "As a Deer." Made me feel a little better.
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Re: Hope you are feeling better today
I'm actually feeling better as of 1/2 hour ago. And I hope this continues. The big thing was that we needed to go into town to negotiate hotel for FOT. Bev went alone. Probably for the best. She is a much better negotiater and I would just make it worse. So, I'm home, she went into Tartu center with the rest of the mailing (our last 50 envelopes) and also went for some shopping. She hates to go alone.

We leave at 1720 by train for Tallinn.

Vic and Bev


Hotels in Tartu

Interesting to read about the Tartu hotels on TravelPod. I noticed that they linked them to a website I use all the time: tripadvisor.com which provides reviews. Vic, I hope you are feeling better and can proceed with travel plans. Bonnie