Training from Tartu to Tallinn

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Tallinn, Estonia
The first thing I knew this morning was that I was going to sit put for a while. Muscles achy, head hurting etc. But, fortunately, most of our work is done. Bev has been cleaning and organizing the apartment. That's just part of her Scandinavian nature...ORDER.
The biggest challenge to Bev was to go into town alone to finish up our business with the hotels. We are always together and she didn't want to venture off on her own. But, she did. We drew maps to all the places and off she went with the last of the mailing. I called German the Russian Estonian cabby and all was well. We got reacquainted with Veerni Loodemaa at the London Hotell who manages or partly owns several hotels in Tartu.  
Bev came back about two hours later with all her business done. She made some Skype calls back to the US and we started to get ready to leave for Tallinn by train. It couldn't have been any more convenient. We just walk across the street...didn't even have to walk through the train station. We got on the train. We were told that the first class car would probably not be full but it was....there were a few seats left and the conductor begrudgingly let us sit down. Most people had their laptops open and WIFI was available on this train car all the way up the line Tallinn. Incredible. The cost was exactly the same as for the bus ride. The train track was not in as good a shape as some of the European countries, but in Tallinn we saw a large sign at the railway station announcing a major track restoration project by the EU.
In Tallinn we got off and our hotel was only a few blocks away. Our time in Estonia is just about over. Tomorrow we meet with a new person (to us) Artur Aleksandrov. He'll meet us for breakfast at 7:30 am. And, hopefully, we'll see Toomas.
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Happy Sabbath
Bev & Vic
Hope your feeling better and have a wonderful sabbath. Say hello to the Estonians. I don't know if any remember me from 1998 and the man with crutches.