A Day of Fellowship, Study and Worship

Saturday, January 31, 2009
Mjolby, Swedish Lakeland, Sweden
It took a little doing to get up today. The Spenser's home is the cozy habitat for four families overnight: Spenser, Kubik, Wenntröm and Miles. We will spend a day of rest, fellowship, study and worship together.  
We first take a walk through wooded area around the Spenser home. It's winter and nippy, but very refreshing. We nibbled, then had coffee, then a lunch. We are told that a necessary "fika" is coming in the afternoon after our service. We are told that this ritual is vital and one that is common at work during the week at work. It is done least once, but more like two or more times a day. We are held in suspense.  
At two pm we held our service. We all sang hymns and then I gave a message that I thought would be right for today. We all have come from ways and times into our faith in God. I wanted to talk more about that faith. What exactly is it? How does it show itself? How do we manage and increase in it? I wanted to have it opened to interactive discussion. We covered the main scriptures about faith...and continued on to the defining moments in or lives when we were granted faith and when and how we used and relied on it. We talked about trials and how they refined our faith. We had a tremendous experience in sharing. We went for two and a half hours...until it became dark.
Then the promised FIKA. It is cookies, a special lingonberry cake and coffee. It's spoken of and partaken seriously and somewhat ritualistically. It was fun. This is totally apart from dinner.    
Then Paul and I headed into town for Chinese food. It was strange to me to see the Chinese speaking perfect Swedish.
Then we all had Chinese.
The day concluded with a game of Yahtzee. The Swedes take on a different nature at the mention of Yahtzee as I find it's a popular family game. All the scoring sheets are in Swedish. The game continued until midnight at which time Bev and I went to bed. The others continued talking until 1:00 am.
It was a wonderful of becoming better friends and helped unify us in the faith. 
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A Hello from Africa, Guess where?
Oh what an amazing trip! I wish to have tasted that Fika looks so special. Take care as you Enjoy in JOY. Wordsworth & Rose.


Robert and I were very amused by your travel tip and your Swedish speaking Chinese. Thanks again for your posts.