Missing Super Bowl - Last Day in Sweden

Monday, February 02, 2009
Mjolby, Swedish Lakeland, Sweden
Today is our last full day in Sweden.  
Paul Spenser prepared a tasty English breakfast. Stewed tomatoes, beans, eggs, sausage and more. Really nice.
John Wennström has to leave for home after breakfast as he has to go to work tonight. He is an engineer in Oslo and has to set up production for a car parts manufacturer. It's been so good having all this time together and getting to know everyone better.  
Our next stop is to walk over to Kira's parents, Thorston and Mariane Engholm, who live about 15 minutes walk away. So, everyone gets bundled up and off to another Fika. The Engholm's have a charming Swedish home with red beams. It is beautifully furnished and very comfortable. Before retirement Thorston Engholm's career was in the Swedish Air Force. He flew a Saab fighter jet and was an air traffic controller. He conducted dangerous missions by flying close to Soviet air space and measuring air quality reading when the Soviet's were testing atomic and hydrogen bombs.
We had our FIKA with Marianne's home made cookies and another either cloudberry or lingonberry pie. We spoke about Scandinavian baking and reminisced about Terry Lundberg's famous Scandia bakery in Minneapolis, Minnesota of years ago. We are thoroughly enjoying this experience. We go over the Engholm's every time we're in Mjölby.  
Then Anthony and Margaurite Miles start off on their way home. She works as a computer programmer and he is a high school teacher.

We went out to get a few pizzas for dinner.  

Paul is excited about tonight as his Liverpool Soccer team is playing on Swedish TV. Liverpool is playing Chelsea at home at 5 PM Swedish time. It's amazing how people take on a different nature with sports and watching Paul was more interesting for than the actual match. Liverpool won 2-0. In soccer there is so little actual scoring that a goal scored is a major outburst of joy and exaltation. We will be missing the Super Bowl which won't start here until midnight. Think we'll miss it. We leave here at 5:45 am for the train to Stockholm and then for flight home.
We thought about going to bed early, but it's hard to stop talking. The Spenser's are so easy to spend talking for a long time. We discuss Church, doctrine, Christian values and more. Paul and Kira, in spite of their isolation, are very knowledgeable about what is happening in our Church world and have lots of things to talk about.   

Finally, we end our last night in Sweden and this trip. It's been a great trip. We go to sleep about the time the Super Bowl is about to begin.

Be sure to come back and see each of the entries with photos....will add photos as soon as I get back to the USA.
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