With Bill and Cheryl Jahns in Johannesburg

Friday, September 29, 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
We left Washington D.C. for the long flight over both the North Atlantic and South Atlantic oceans. Halfway across there was a fuel stop in Dakar, Senegal located on the west coast of Africa. After 17 hours of flying including the one hour stop, we landed at noon Thursday in Johannesburg, South Africa. Bill Jahns was waiting for us. How wonderful to see him!

Bill and Cheryl are special friends in the ministry . Bill, Cheryl and I attended Ambasssador College in Pasadena together in 1966....we've been friends 40 years. We have gone through many experiences and adventures in the Church. Who would think that we would meeting in South Africa....and this is the third time in the past few years.

Bill and Cheryl took an assignment in South Africa to serve here for five years starting in 2002. They will be returning to the United States to serve in a pastoral position. Morgen and Joleen Kriedemann who are native South Africa will replace Bill and Cheryl Jahns.

Bill has done a valiant job here serving not only South Africa, but in Malawi and some in Zambia as well. The Church in Johannesburg has grown from 40 when the Jahns arrived to well over a 100 now.

Because of our friendship and the Jahns' love for the impoverished areas to the north of here, we have been able to get a lot done effectively with the people in both Malawi and Zambia through LifeNets.

Morgen and Joleen came over for dinner Thursday evening and we had a great time talking about South Africa and the future of the Church here.

This is early Friday morning and Bill will take us to the airport as we continue on to Malawi. Not sure what our Internet connectivity will be, but keep checking back with the blog. We will be logging our daily experiences and will upload them as we get to the Internet locations.

We are excited about being with the Churches in Africa again.
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