Final Day in Africa - Final Thoughts

Thursday, October 19, 2006
Durban, South Africa
In the morning I did a video of Andre van Belkum talking about LifeNets. We want to make a promotional video about our African projects. We had a long breakfast then got our things together to go to the airport and fly back to the United States.

It's been a wonderful trip We feel that we have contributed positively to the Feast of
Tabernacles in both Malawi and Zambia and deepened our relationships with so many people in both those countries. I spoke a total of 13 times starting with the Sabbath before the Day of Atonement. It was interesting to perform a wedding in Lilongwe and take part in a funeral in Mumbwa. Visiting our LifeNets projects was essential to ensure their continued success and continuation of the programs. Both Bev and I are ecstatic about this particular trip to Africa that will help us serve the people even better here.

After flying back from Johannesburg, we met up with Bill and Cheryl Jahns and Bruce and Phyllis Anderson from Minnesota as well as Herb Teitgen from North Dakota. The Anderson's and Herb T. are also flying back to the United States, but they are on a flight to New York while we go to Washington D.C.

Well, that's it for this trip. Thanks for following our journey..
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