Coming 15 day tour of Eastern Europe/Scandinavia

Saturday, January 06, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
On Wednesday, January 10th I'll be leaving on a trip carrying me through Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

In Western Ukraine I'll be visiting the Sabbath-keepers who are printing our Russian Bible Study Course and booklets. They have also printed our booklets in the Estonian language as well as The Road to Eternal Life in Swedish. The benefits of having the printing done here is the close proximity from where the literature will be mailed and the much lower cost of publication. However, there is the challenge of getting the literature across borders. It's not like the United States where you can freely move from state to state. In Eastern Europe various countires level of freedom, economic standing vary considerably. Some are virtually impossible to visit such as Belarus, others require no visas and are about as easy to enter as Canada.

I'll be speaking in Khust and Rokosovo, Ukraine on the Sabbath of January 13th. I have gotten to know the people well and really enjoy visiting with them.

While there I'll call on our Vinogradov Street Children and Orphans. It will be interesting to see how they do in the winter time. Every time we've visited it's been summer.

Then on Monday I take the all-night train to Kiev from where I fly over Belarus to Lithuania. I'll spend a few days with our elder there and visit two interested parties in Lithuania. Then on Thursday night, January 20th I'll take a bus up through Latvia and on to Estonia and meet up with our elder Johnnie Lambert in Tartu. On the Sabbath we'll get together as many of our people as we can for a Church service.

From there I'll go up to Kemi, Finland and visit the Doh family. You may want to see the story of our visiting here last June and baptizing Margaret Doh.
Finally, I'll work my way back to western Sweden and visit with a few families in Gothenburg. Please come back and follow our journey....
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