Wheelchair, Blanket, and more to Ukraine

Sunday, January 07, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
It's the final countdown days before leaving for Europe. I love travelling in the winter as there are almost no tourists. Planes, buses and trains are less crowded. I get a lot more done because there are less distractions as hosts get down to business and don't spend a lot of time "showing me around." 

Ivan Yurishko, our chief contact in Ukraine, a Sabbatarian businessman who helps us with printing literature and is the director of LifeNets Ukraine, is where I'll be staying this coming Thursday through Monday. He and his wife Nina just had a baby names Serhiy born on November 8, 2006. Three ladies (Katherine Rowland, Bev Kubik and Susan Durnil) helped provide a blanket as a gift with Serhiy's inscription and birthdate.

I'm trying to take over as many items to leave in Ukraine as possible. My dentist (to compensate for the last painful root canal) gave me more than 1000 toothbrushes. I'll take a goodly number over along with eye glasses that Kathy Treybig sent me yesterday, reading glasses that we have in stock and a wheelchair. 

Today a team of us are working on finishing Russian Lesson 5 of the UCG Bible Study Course. Below you see what page 1 and 16 look like. Our final copyreader Natalia Weatherhead is in Barbados. Jude Sieker is doing the layout in Pennsylvania. It's an interesting process bringing all this together.

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