A Day in Kaunas

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Kaunas, Lithuania
Today I had a full schedule with the Klovas family, taking a tour of the Old City of Kaunas and seeing a man interested in the Bible and the United Church of God.

Henrikas had some urgent business matters to take care of early in the day, so Vijole took me to the Old City, a part of Kaunas I had not seen before. It was very interesting. I reminded me somewhat of the Old Cities in Riga and Tallinn. The architecture is goes back five hundred years and more. We walked by a photo studio and in the window they just happened to put up a photo of Herkus, the Kovas' grandson to advertise their family photos.

Vijole and I had lunch in a restaurant that looked much like it would have 300 to 400 years ago except for the credit card machines. Then we drove to her daughter Vidmante's apartment to visit. Vidmante's son is Dovydus whom we have seen grow up from a young boy of eight to a young man now of 16. We had a very enjoyable visit of two hours. We then took Vidmante for an appointment she had in town.

Back to Henrikas' apartment. The new person interested in the Church was a man by the name of Renatas who came with his young son Gabriella. I really enjoy talking to new people who have enthusiastic questions that demand enthusiastic answers. He brought a box of chocolates with him that he opened and that we readily sampled. I gave him a set of the first four Russian Bible Study Course lessons. I'm really pleased with the way the United Church of God Bible Study course looks and how it leads people from the proof of God and the Bible to personal responsibility in becoming a Christian.

As Renatas was leaving, Vidmante, her husband Audrius and Herkus came by. Their last name is Bartasius. They ended staying for an impromptu supper which was most enjoyable. Vidmante is very thorough in expressing herself as her Dad is. She is in the last year or of studying for her law degree and she wants to work in the legal field.

After they left, Henrikas, Vijole and I talked for a while before going to bed.
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