By bus to Latvia and then Tartu, Estonia

Thursday, January 18, 2007
Riga, Latvia
I'm at in Internet booth here at the bus station in Riga, Latvia. Henrikas took me to the bus station and off I went up to Riga. The trip is four and a half hours and I have a four and half hour layover and then another four and a half bus ride to Tartu. Johnnie Lambert will be at the bus station to pick me up at 11:20 PM hopefully.

Riga is a grand city. It's the biggest city in the Baltic Republics with nearly a million residents. It's Old City is very genuine and historic. I spent a few hours just walking around. At two-thirty PM the sun began to drop to the horizon and it's getting dark quickly as I head further and further north.

The little coffee shops around town are just wonderful. They really have style. Many people talk very loudly on their cell phones as they walk through town. Those speaking Russian are the loudest.

The Baltic countries are small, but they are very different in language, currency and religion. Lithuania is a predominently Catholic country. Lativa is Catholic also. Their currency which is the LAT, I believe is one for about two dollars. When I changed a $20 bill at the bus station I got back 10 Lat and thought something was wrong. Most of the money you end up with is coins. In Estonia it's 12 Krone to the dollar and you have mostly paper. Almost no coins.
Well, see you later in Estonia. I'm going to add some photos to our Sunday visit to Vinogradov, so please go back to January 14th and seë some of the photos. I'll be adding more the next few days as I get decent (fast) Internet connections. Also, I have tweaked and corrected posts from January 14th to the present.
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