With Johnnie Lambert in Tartu, Estonia

Friday, January 19, 2007
Tartu, Estonia
Last night the Eurolines bus I was on pulled into the Tartu bus station two minutes early at 11:18 PM. Johnnie Lambert was right there and we immediately went back to his apartment via taxi.

Since Johnnie Lambert comes over to Estonia about four times a year he has purchased a one bedroom apartment across from the train station. It's in a secured area and brand-new. It's small but has a large combined kitchen living room that's perfect for church meetings and office functions. He as a large screen LCD monitor for watching DVD's and posting scriptures to be read at church services. It will serve as the base for mailing our literature in Estonian and Russian. It will save a lot of money that was spent on hotel accommodations.

It was SO GOOD to unload my Russian Bible Study Courses that I have been dragging from Ukraine. This amount of literature I brought will be enough to get a first mailing out from requests we have received. On the Study Course, we will mail out the first lesson and make it mandatory for them to request the remainder of the course. Johnnie has two large tables put together in the living room for spreading out literature. I only have the Swedish booklets with me to drop off in Sweden next week.

He is one of the most dedicated people I know who has done so much to move the preaching of Gospel forward here in Eastern Europe. He has put in so many of his own resources and lots of time to freely serve. Already the work is bearing fruit as new people are coming along and more are behind them as we offer literature and study aids IN THEIR LANGUAGE! The Bible Study Course is a great tool to move people along towards involvement as it begins with basic questions about the existence of God, His Word and what a person needs to think and do.

Johnnie and I stayed up until almost 3 am talking and envisioning more about what could be done here.

At nine am we headed for the radio station Pere Raadio to do the radio commercials advertising the UCG Russian Bible Study Course in Russian.

We were warmly greeted by radio station managers Mare and Paavo Philak. He does the engineering and she overseas the other management. This radio station is part of a network of Christian radio over all Estonia with repeater stations and other stations. It broadcasts in both Estonian and Russian. On the AM band the reach of the Russian programming goes past Moscow to the East and covers all of Belarus and Ukraine.

When we arrived we chatted for about 45 minutes before we got to work recording the three commercials written by Johnnie Lambert that I translated into Ukrainian. We recorded them rather quickly. Paavo was most helpful with some of the logistics with email and PO box forwarding. Johnnie and I both very excited and hopeful of the future.

While in Ukraine Ivan Pavliy gave all the radio broadcasts in Russian that he made in Portland, Oregon when he lived there. He gave us permission to use them in the United Church of God. We are hoping to air them daily on Pere Raadio (which literally means "Family Radio" in Estonian) with possibly new ones he could make from Ukraine

After the radio station visit we went over to the Aura which is a water park, pool, sauna and such.

Then we went over the Atlantis Club discuss our dates for the Feast of Tabernacles this fall. We plan a larger Feast this coming fall in Tartu and on the island of Saaremaa. It will begin here and end on Saarema.

Then we came back to the apartment where Johnnie started preparing dinner for the Church brethren coming over tonight. Dinner will consist of turkey, specially prepared sliced potatoes, salad and dessert with coffee. We may not have the woman's touch, but it all looked very tasty. I helped put things away and sweep out the apartment.

They started coming over at 5:45 PM and finally Andrus, Katrin, Helga and Helgi came over. We had a wonderful evening of fellowship and discussion until way past 11 pm. This is so much better than going out to eat as we could talk in a much more relaxed manner. During the evening we called Imbi Kuuskuulu, a member who just moved from Estonia to Dublin, Ireland to work. Her leaving is a big loss as Johnnie relied so heavily on her to translate for him. She was fluent in English (she's an English teacher), Estonian and Russian. We called her cell phone in Ireland through Skype. Modern communications is really amazing. Then I called my wife Bev in Indianapolis on Skype and Johnnie talked to his wife Hazel in New York. This was a wonderful day in Estonia. Quite full and very fulfilling!
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