Helsinki Airport

Sunday, January 21, 2007
Helsinki, Finland
Bye to Estonia today and on to Finland.

I am very interested in seeing the Klogay Doh family in Kemi where I'll stay over tonight. We have been able to be in touch with them much better since we provided them with a computer and Internet access. Where they live in darkness and cut off from so many, it will be good for them to have contact with the world. Their niece Elsa Doh who lives with them is computer savvy and has hooked up their computer to a cell phone and to the Internet.

Breakfast at the hotel that we stayed at in the Old City was the best I've had! Probably everything my wife Bev does not like such as smoked salmon, kefir (something like buttermilk) and two different kinds of cucumbers and tomatoes for breakfast.

Taxis are no longer cheap in Tallinn. It cost about $14 to get to the airport. However, here in Helsinki where I'm wirting this from, the cost of a taxi from the Helsinki airport to downtown is $70.

Global Warming is backing away as the snow is falling and temperature is right at freezing. It's probably still warmer than it should be. The flight to Helsinki is about 20 minutes...just across a narrow part of the Baltic Sea. Here I wait (and am writing this) for about five hours for my flight up to Kemi on the north edge of the Gulf of Bothnia.

While waiting here I'll try to connect with my wife Bev on Skype from this computer.

I also want to listen to some sermons on my mp3 player given in Russian by Ivan Pavliy that were played on the radio. Ivan Pavliy is one of the leaders among the Sabbatarians. He holds of editor of Ukrainian Sabbatarian literature which there is not much of. He is measured and thorough in what he says. In 2001 I acted as his sponsor to come and live in the United States. His wife Anya won a Green Card lottery and had the opportunity to become US residents and ultimately citizens. They lived in Portland Oregon for about four years, but after that time he and his wife decided to return to Ukraine in 2006. The village of Rokosova was home to them. He made about 25 radio programs that he told

Well, I think I'll send this out. I'm not sure what my connectivity to the Interest will be for the remainder of this fascinating trip.
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I'm with you on the veggies and the kefir (YUM), but you're on your own with the smoked salmon.