Last day of a phenomenal trip to Europe

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Gothenburg, Sweden
I spent much of the day with Stanley and Birgitta Olson before they took me back into Gothenburg where I would meet Bernt Saxin in the afternoon at the library where he was working. He would then take me to their home east of Gothenburg in the village of Hajom.

When we woke up in the morning we noted that it was snowing hard. We huddled around the wood stove in the kitchen and drank coffee. Again, the conversation with the Olson's is so good. They are kind and compassionate people.

It was obvious as the hours passed that we would have some considerable shoveling to do if we were going to get the car out of the driveway. About eight inches off snow had fallen. Birgitta and I did the shoveling. Fortunately the snow was fresh and fluffy making it easy to shovel it. Also, the snow plow came through clearing the road and we were able to get out with no problem. This reminded so much of all the big snow storms when I use to live in Minnesota.

We stopped by the Post Office and mailed a carton of the booklets to the Spenser's. It was a great feeling of relief to unload the remainder what I had been carrying on from Ukraine to Scandinavia. The Russian Bible Study Courses were had already been unloaded in Estonia. Altogether I carried over 65 pounds of literature. From here on out the literature will be shipped from Ukraine to Estonia and Sweden through the "Blessed New" Baptist mission the village of Zarriche in Transcarpathia. An item of interest right here. We had asked the Sabbatarians to print 1000 copies of the Swedish "Road to Eternal Life" but somehow because we were ordering 2000 copies each of the Russian Bible Study Course they mistakenly printed 2000 copies of the Swedish booklet as well. Oops! Communications misunderstanding occur over distance and different languages. We know that Paul and Kira will put them to good use and that this will speed up conversions in Sweden! We got the Gothenburg library exactly 4:30 pm. Mr. Bernt Saxin and his son Stefan who attends Gothenburg University then drove me to their home in Hajom about 45 minutes away to the east.

My visit with the Saxin's was equally enjoyable to seeing the Olson's. Bernt's wife Olga prepared a tasty turkey dinner. Their daughter Elin was home, too. I had met the Saxin's earlier in the summer when they came to the Spenser's in Mjölby. I gave the Saxin's the Swedish booklet and "Road to Eternal Life" they were favorable impressed about how it turned out.

We stayed up late talking about how the Swedish people think and possibilities of how to reach them publicly. Stefan and Elin had a lot of excellent comments, too. In European countries thinking is invariably more international and people tend to be more philosophical People seem to be open to want to discuss subjects such as the meaning of life, but they want to dialogue and answers that make a point and not just "what I say is right because I say so." They need logical answers and explanations. They felt that discussion regarding Intelligent Design, for example, would be a good inroad into their mind. They feel that a seminar similar to the one I gave talking about Chernobyl and the end of the world last year in June can have appealing interest. We wrote down at least a dozen subjects that would be interesting to the Swedes. Hopefully we can do a two night seminar later this summer. Paul and Kira Spenser are doing a major brochure distribution in their city of Mjölby. We are praying that the booklet "Road to Eternal Life" can make an impact as well.

Tomorrow is my last day in Europe. I'm looking forward getting home and to Beverly. It's been a great trip a lot has been done. Stefan gave me his room for the night. We have to leave at at 5:15 am to get to Gothenburg Landsvetter airport. I'm scheduled to be home Wednesday afternoon at 4:40 PM.

I loaded up my mp3 player with lots of Russian and Ukrainian Christian songs that Ivan Yurishko's daughter Nelya gave me. I shared this music with the Peree Raadio that is always looking good modern Russian Christian music. I had ripped the music from her CD's to my laptop. The songs are absolutely beautiful. This will give me things to do while flying back to the US tomorrow.

One more thing about media. Ivan Pavliy, one of the Sabbatarians who moved with his wife Anya to Portland for a number of years from about 2001 to 2005 made some radio programs in Russian that were broadcast in Portland. He gave me most of the programs on CD and told me that we were welcome to use them and I think we will. I have heard a few of them and I think that they would fit with what we are doing from Estonia. Peree Raadio in Tartu is willing to broadcast them. This radio station does a great deal of broadcasting in Russian as that is the major language outside and the second language in Estonia. This would further promote the UCG Bible Study Course and the Gospel, of course. I am listening to the programs and need to figure out how to do adapt them to what we would like. Then we need to do the promo commercials. Perhaps Ivan Pavliy can do them to from Rokosova. All this is a very exciting development. Johnnie Lambert has been most instrumental in moving the process forward to this development with Peree Raadio in Estonia. 
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