News flash! Newest Swedish member arrives today!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Gothenburg, Sweden
Today I am leaving Sweden and am saddened that I could not see Paul and Kira Spenser. While they are relatively close, I also know that the date of their family was also going to be close. As it was their daugther was born TODAY.
Here is the happy notes from Paul and Kira announcements about their new daughter:

Paul and Kira Spenser,Mjölby Sweden are pleased to announce the birth their daughter and little sister for Aaron and Isak. Their daughter was born at 19:41 on the 24th January and weighed 4kg (8.8lbs) and was 52cm (24.5inches) long. Mother and baby are well and were all home for lunch time on the 25th.

Here is what was sent a bit earlier...


On Wednesday 24th at 19:41 we had a healthy little baby girl that was 52cm long 4kg (8.8lbs). We are now home 15 hours later and mother and baby are well. Hopefully we will get a photo for the UN, Vic's web site and put something in the UK annoucements to share the news. Oh no name as yet but we are working on it.

Take it easy.

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Hello Paul and Kira,
Congradulations on the birth of your baby girl!!! I know that Isak and Aaron have to be proud that they now have a baby sister!!! I am reposting this comment under this entry. I originally posted it under entry 20
Reggie and Sandy Warren


Deb Barr here. Wow...lots of changes since I last saw you both in France at the feast - three children now!!!

All the very best...

Keep adding to the church in Sweden!