Don't worry about me.....

Thursday, March 31, 2016
Fernhill Heath, United Kingdom
It's just like the movies.
The American Dream is a spectrum and both ends meet at Bayside in Key Largo.
I don't know if there is an accepted definition, but it must have something to do with freedom, wealth and the pursuit of happiness. Bearing arms is part of it, of course. I am not sure that freedom exists and I suspect that a free life would be miserable. Everything worth having comes with some sort of commitment. Every motorbike has a service schedule, every friend needs help and every skill requires practice. Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose - Janice Joplin told me that.
Wealth is just as tricky to pin down. Even tangible, "money and stuff" wealth is a moving target. The details vary a lot and that causes confusion, but the headlines are fairly constant. A great place to live and a head turning ride are at the top of Maslow's list for the majority of us. These are the things on display at Key Largo and they come together in the floating gin palaces. Boats that cost a fortune to buy and another to moor and maintain. Parked alongside are Corvette Stingrays and trucks too tall to step into.
But this result is obtainable a with a lower budget. There is road that runs parallel to the swankiest dock in Key Largo. Naturally, it is called Ocean Drive and on Ocean Drive sits the most desirable of residences. It's a large Airstream trailer that is probably as old as it looks.  You will find it in the middle of an easy to maintain lot at the junction with Holiday. The lot is gravelled and there are a couple of mature trees inside the chest high chain link fence. A sun leached hammock links two tress and a hand carved pelican acts as a mailbox. The place is minimum effort and maximum cool.

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