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We are Ann and Jim from Laguna Beach, California and had started to research on the internet, places to move, now that we were close to retirement. I wanted to return to Connecticut, we had lived there for 18 years, and I liked the idea of the four seasons. Jim wanted to try either New Mexico or Oregon, not me! Picking Virginia was like pinning a map on the wall and throwing darts at it! Not really, but close! What happened was, we read a letter someone posted in AARP magazine about how they had moved to Salem, Virginia, from California, after they had retired, and how much they liked it! That was the seed! We did fly to Richmond,Virginia, in July 2010, rented a car and drove the three hours to Roanoke. The scenery and the surrounding mountains were very beautiful! We looked over the area, and looked at many houses for sale. We couldn't believe how much lower the cost of living was there, so all that was a plus. But it was July and it was so hot! Even though we thought it was a nice area, we didn't exactly fall in love with it! We returned to California, still trying to sell our house and dig out of the 30 years of accumulated "stuff". By December, everything had fallen into place, Jim and I had retired, the house was in good shape and had sold, we didn't come up with a better plan so we decided to rent in Roanoke until we decided if we wanted to buy another house. We left a lot of our belongings with the new owner, heavy pieces of furniture, dishes, etc. It was his first house and had recently started a new practice as a veterinarian, and so it worked out for both of us. The movers came in and loaded the things we wanted to keep and they were going to take everything to a storage facility. Jim had sold the vehicles we had and bought a Dodge Journey, (appropriate name, huh!) for our trip crossing the United States to Virginia, with our two cats, in January! We were homeless! It turned out we didn't buy a house and we liked living in an apartment, It was the most freedom we had had for all our 49 years of marriage! We could just lock the door, travel, do what ever we wanted and didn't have to think about the lawn needed mowing, something needed to be replaced or fixed! We had no idea at the time how our lives was going to change! It will be the biggest adventure that we could have ever imagined! So hold on and see how this all unfolds! My plan for this blog is to attempt to document our travels from the beginning, leaving California in December 31, 2010 to present. We started by exploring the area of Roanoke, then neighboring towns, mostly just for a few hours at a time or day trips. Then we started venturing out a little further driving to nearby states. We decided to take a cruise to Alaska for our 50th anniversary, it took me so long to plan it, needed to apply for a passport, and actually book it, we didn't go until after our 51th anniversary! That trip was when we caught the "travel bug"! I booked another cruise, on the ship we were on in Alaska. First it was cruises to the Caribbean, three of them, just to get our feet wet, no pun intended! That went really well, so we branched out to the Mediterranean, etc. etc. etc. I hope I can "catch up". LOL! So far I really like this particular blog, for one it is specifically a travel blog with maps of where you have travelled,and it also tracks the total number of miles we have traveled. I'm hoping I can complete this, sometimes in my lifetime! I started by just listing all the trips, including airports, adds to total mileage, then slowly adding comments and pictures.
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2010-12-28 to 2011-01-05

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