Put on Our Boots, We're Going to Nashville, TN!

We stayed in Nashville overnight when we traveled cross country from California to Virginia. Our motel was close to the airport and we didn't venture out very far, only to get something to eat and we walked an hour nearby, for exercise. So our impression of Nashville wasn't the greatest! We will now give it a second chance! I noticed an ad in our local newspaper, The Roanoke Times, that advertised a tour company, Abbott Trailways. They started as Abbott Bus Lines in 1927, 88 years ago! It is a family owned and operated business. They have 50 coaches that travel all across the US, Canada and even to Alaska, with trips from 1-30 days. The part that interested me the most was they are based right here in Roanoke. I called them to ask questions, they told me they have a pickup right down the street from us and we could just walk with our luggage and wouldn't have to be concerned about where to park our vehicle! And they have a discount if we book and pay in full before the end of March. Also if you decide to cancel, anytime before the day of the trip, they will give a 100% refund. I told Jim what the deal is and we decided we would take a short trip to see if this is something we might like to do on longer trips. So we decided to book a three day tour to Nashville. Actually, it didn't end there, I decided to book two more trips, so if we don't like traveling on a bus, I can just cancel them, when we return from Nashville! I booked for 2015 and received $10 off per day for booking before March 31st and I paid the full amount so we got seats # 1! 10 Days, July 3-12, South Dakota "Black Hills" Mount Rushmore & Crazy Horse 17 Days, Golden West - Canadian Rockies / Glacier Park / Yellowstone / Tetons
Planned Dates
Aug 22, 2014 to Aug 24, 2014

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